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  • A Yahoo! User May 14, 2007 04:21 Flag

    Electronic Assistance?

    is anybody else having bother with there sat nav? Mine keeps telling me that manchester is not in europe.
    What a joke
    Ratings please

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    • so is that an admission of defeat then ?.
      your purpose here, which you perform admirably, is to raise issues like this so I can have a jolly good rant.
      you're not exactly polite most of the time. I had to re-read your post and check the sender several times to make sure it really was you.
      My car is not that special, but yes it pisses all over a honda prelude.
      Enjoy the CL 3rd/4th place playoff as my scouse neighbour delights in calling it. Having to support chelsea must be a real burden.

    • That's not so strange because my sat nav tells me that 99.9% of ManU supporters don't live and never have lived in Manchester

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      • That's strange; I thought they were just supposed to give directions, not spout unimaginative bullshit. Must have been programmed by a bitter City fan or something - I hope you both kept your reciepts.

        I suggest when you get your replacement sat-navs, you take a trip up to Manchester. You can walk through the city counting the number of people you see in United shirts and compare them to the number of people wearing any other football shirts. When you've realized how ridiculous your assumptions are, take yourself for a look around the Old Trafford museum. If you get there early on in the day, you might be lucky enough to see the Premier League trophy being polished.