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  • Pritul Pritul May 20, 2007 00:56 Flag

    that's it then

    the seasons over. We could argue here about the tactics, we can cry over whether giggs goal should have been given. we can criticise the lads for not having the finishing touch. we can even have a go at ronaldo if we'd like.

    Truth is it was drogba who could finish the game off where we coudlnt' and fair play to him and chelsea. Don't get me wrong. giving credit to drogba and chelse is not something i relish doing but credit where its due.

    I can look back at the season and dwell on the ifs and buts but i would much prefer to look back exactly a year ago and realize how far we have come. We have won the premiership, our squad is only going to get better. rooney and ronaldo will just keep on excelleing and our spirit is just fantastic. I am hurt like hell right now, loosing to chelsea at the new wembly is the worst nightmare that i had. lots of morons and loosers are scrambling to get onto our message board as i write to wind us up but you know wat - I'm proud of the boys and i've got one last thign to say : BRING EM ON NEXT SEASON!!!

    GO UNITED!!!!!

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    • Yup, i too am very gutted that we lost at the new Wembley Stadium. As much as i loathe Chelski to the core, i think we've gotta give credit where its due. We weren't at our best and Fergie made some tactical errors. As much as Dogboy is a cunt, i've gotta say fair play to him for his ability to finish the game off.
      Still, despite the loss, i'm still proud we've come this far and anayway, we were up against a really resilient side who's proved to be our toughest challnegers for both the league title and cup competitions, and we've still got the PL trophy. Hope we do better next season and keep the United pride alive! GO UNITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The one thing - instead of all the thunder and lightning everyone expected, this game went out like a whimpering fart, extended over 120 minutes.
      Chelsea were better only because they could in the end put the ball in the net. Aside from a few flashes this game never lived up to the expectation.
      Congratulations to them.
      Now the lineups will form at sporting goods stores all over the world with a bunch of Chelsea "fans" returning their newly bought red shirts not even 2 weeks old, hoping to exchange it back to a blue one...
      Although to the ones who stuck with their team, a deserved day of celebration will commence.
      Me? I will be bitter for a while. In case noone could guess.

    • Weren't at our best today, but hey we are League Champions, and i would have taken that back in August. We are still building, and will get better. So come on, lets all have a beer for Sir Alex and the boys for a great season. I know i will! CHEERS!