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  • loveunitedalways loveunitedalways May 23, 2007 16:01 Flag

    What happened?!

    Stev Bennett was crap thorughout the game. He fialed to punish Joe Cole as well as Lumpturd for their disgraceful 2-footed lunge on Brown as well as Drogba for constantly kiking Vidic. He just let Dogshit, Bobbins, and Joe Cole get away with their constant disgraceful diving. Not to mention that wrongly awarded freekikc to Cheatski(which resulted in their goal against Smudger for waht was a fair tackle. Looks like Moaningbitch's and Cheatski's constant pressure on the ref during the build-up to the game had finally paid off; Bennett kept awarding greekicks to Cheatski while we got nothing. And while i admit that we were below par, played a boring game and that majority of our players didb't look like they were up for another fight I feel that Bennett had robbed us and that Cheatski didbn't quite deserve their win despite Dogshit scoring w well excecuted goal. As the issue over Giggs' shot, i couldn;t tell whether it was a goal or not but i thibnk it should've been a penalty to us As Essien was right behing Giggs and it looked like there was some contact.

    Anyway despite not being able to win the Double we should still get behind the team. UNITED FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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