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  • loveunitedalways loveunitedalways May 23, 2007 17:36 Flag

    what if we drewq at everton?

    Well mayve tou're right that we lost or focus against Milan. As for the Man City game we didn't play well because we didn't have enough time to recover from the defeat by Milan. But we definitely got kinda slack after winning the title, and we were punished for it at Wembley, although we were robbed by the ref as well and Chelski didn't excatly deserve the FA Cup either(despite a well executed strike by Dogshit).

    All in all it has been an incredible season for us, though i would've preferred us to end it in style.
    Thanks SAF and the team for getting the title back. Hopefully we can win more next season. Anyway, thanks to you abd Qeuiroz for persuading Ronaldo to stay and for helping him and Rooney patch up after that fiasco in Germany last yesr.
    And to SAF; please don't play 4-5-1, it doesn't suit us. I think you may need to lose Queiroz and rep[ace him with a more attack-minded coach. He's a wonderful bloke and, along with you, must be credited for helping to keep Ronnie at the club he doesn't seem to be of much help when it comes to tactics. He's a 4-5-1 person and we don't look good playing that system!

    Anyway glad to hear that Hargreaves is heading our way. Hope to see Nani, Huntelaar/Torres, Bale/Richards and Quaresma come to OT as well.

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