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  • DAVID DAVID May 31, 2007 07:05 Flag

    No Money No Money!!!

    Nice thought terryram but I think we are done for the summer. I can't get my head round how quick these deals have been done, as it has been noted in another post we are not usually this quick and August is the month for us. Still we can now all enjoy our summer and watch the rest try and catch up. I just renewed my season tickets today and I can't wait to see these boys strut there stuff at OT.
    Happy Happy Days.

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    • Yeah, I hate those summer long transfer sagas (or two summers long transfer sagas in the case of Hargreaves) - United would just seem to end up paying an additional premium by leaving it till late August just before the transfer deadline. What a welcome turn-around this week has been!

      The worst had to be Kenyon's summer-long dithering over Ronaldinho back in 2003 (probably a double agent sabotage by Kenyon as he was already negotiating his move to Chelsea that summer) ...at least we did end up with a certain winger from Sporting Lisbon at the end of that summer.....so maybe it worked out for the best ;)