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  • I am happy to see the current success you are having with my soccer club ManUSA, I have however been disappointed with your recent signings.

    Could you please see to it that your next purchases come from the good ol US of A, our fine nation has a great soccer tradition and it is vital that this is communicated to the mugs,oops I mean fans at ol triffid, the theatre of drones. We are after all going to shortly be rebranding the club officially as ManUSA, what better way to get the point across than to field a team of yankees.

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    • Omigod how pathetic can you get???!! We've made 3 great signings in Hargreaves, Niani and Anderson just last week, You must be a bitter in disguise, right? Sod off back to your own board!

    • Oh dear..........What a pathetic little person you are.
      Firstly you should realise that you do not address the manager as "Mr Ferguson". He is SIR ALEX FERGUSON and should be referred to as Sir Alex or in your case in order to avoid your ignorance getting the better of you again you should just refer to him as SIR.
      Secondly, Football - for that is what it is and should be referred to as such. The wussie game that is played in the US and called football is nothing but a game of thuggery that has little or nothing to do with proper football. When talking about the beautiful game that is played by Manchester United THAT is football.
      Thirdly. The US is little more than a third world country when it comes to playing football and with the exception of a couple of players - who had to come to England to learn and improve - they are not fit to grace the playing fields of the English Premiership. Maybe in 10-12 years an American player might become a name that could be mentioned alongside some of the better known English players that have gone to the US in order to teach you how to play properly.
      Fourth - and finally. When you have some better knowledge of the English Premiership then you may be able to pass further comment so until then I suggest that you watch and learn instead of writing inane comments on this message board board. If however, you are unable to contain you emotions then go post on a Chelsea board.

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      • Howdi there partner,

        I am interested in finding out if the guys in Ol Troffid will take to the name ManUSA, also renaming the academy as Glazer's soccer school of excellence for manky kids who don't read well.

        The trouble I have with using the term football is that when I ship the whole club out to the good ol US of A, it will undoubtedly confuse my fellow Americans. So if you could all get use to using the term ManUSA Soccer Side it would be of great help during the transition.


        Malcy Boy