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  • Jesper Jesper Jun 16, 2007 20:06 Flag

    Start of a sorry slide?

    It seems that the Arsenal are running out of Ammunition with their enemies approaching from all sides with guns blazing. Arguabley the best coach the premiership has ever seen (Apart from Sir Alex) and one of the best marksman in world football, both of whom are uncertain about their futures.
    With the resignation of a key member of Arsenals success in the last ten years and lack of funds to buy the best players.
    With takeovers at clubs becoming the new trend and more quality european players joing their ranks, is this the start of a sorry slide or a bullet in the arse to get the gunners going again?
    Peolple must admit the gunners have been our closest rivals for the last decade, untill moneybags bought Chelsea and it's not looking rosey for them at the moment.

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    • Arsenal make up a vital link in English football. Their present situation is, I hope, temporary. They will make it.

    • Arsenal in my eyes, are going through a transition.

      They have played most of the season without the main player.

      They have great young talent emerging which Arsene has floated into the team this season, for which they will be better for it in the future.

      Their talent cannot be questioned. What has to be questioned is their consistency and desire to win week in week out.

      They beat the Champions twice this season and it was not by luck. If the can reach consistency and keep Henry. They will be back to their best in due time.

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      • Yes i understand they have talent in abundance at their club. The point I'm making is (without) their talisman last season they cound'nt hit a cows arse with a banjo. TH, might be on his way out and wenger is uncertain about his future. So without the quidance of these two, who are the heart and soul of the club. I can sense a decline, unless they stick around.