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  • Having read today that Fergie is standing in the way of Heinze's move to Liverpool the most sucessful club in England, I am outraged.
    Why would he do this? is he that scared of Liverpool this coming season?
    Now that the gap in his spending power has been reduced!
    However Rafael Benetiz, is exploring a loop hole in New FIFA rules, that will allow a player to buy out the remainder of his contract, when his employer stands in his way of a move.
    So what is the view of you lot on this one, is Fergie right or wrong to hold him back? Will Rafael Benetiz beat him before the season even starts?
    I dont want him, Henize. But if it means getting one over on old red nose, i say go for it Rafa!

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    • I'm sorry to have to tell you both that the EPL has ruled that it doesn't like these 3rd party contract thingies and claimed the young lady for themselves!

    • Don't interfere young lady i am negotiating with your new owner.

      however you like dates? I will throw in a whole orchard of palm trees!!

    • You're full of yourself aren't you Howl?

    • Ian you are confusing Gerrard with FAT FRANK! :)

    • You are overestimating the yanks syco.What do they know about football?And how good is their league?You know what I mean.

    • Excellent point Hiya. Why on earth would Fergie want to sell a quality player to one of our nearest rivals??? In fact i don't see the top 4 sides selling to one another, unless its an excahnge deal.


      Sir Alex Ferguson has ruled out any possibility of Gabriel Heinze leaving Manchester United for Liverpool.

      Anfield boss Rafael Benitez is a long-time admirer of the tough-tackling Argentina defender and after weeks of speculation lodged a formal bid for Heinze on Monday.

      The £6million offer was immediately rejected by United, even though it met their private valuation.

      And Ferguson has made it clear he will not countenance the prospect of Heinze heading down the East Lancs Road to Merseyside, a route travelled only once since the War, when Phil Chisnall joined United's hated rivals in 1962.

      "I can assure you, Liverpool will not be getting Gabriel Heinze," Ferguson told PA Sport.

      "We can put that to bed right now and we have done so. We have had a couple offers for him and we have turned them down."

      Ferguson's forceful statement suggested more than one club had expressed an interest in Heinze.

      Real Madrid and Inter Milan have both been linked with the 29-year-old, who has become something of a folk hero among United fans because of the robust nature of his defending.

      Although it appeared Patrice Evra had ousted Heinze as United's first-choice left-back, the South American did feature in the Red Devils' final three games of last season, skippering them against Chelsea and West Ham, then holding onto his place for the FA Cup Final.

      With Heinze now on an extended break due to his commitments at the Copa America, Ferguson has not had an opportunity to speak with the former Paris St Germain player directly.

      However, given his agent has spent the last 18 months pushing for a transfer, it appears certain Heinze will be leaving, even if Liverpool does not turn out to be his eventual destination.

      "Heinze's agents are rolling the ball all the time," said Ferguson.

      "But no matter what his agent thinks, we are in the driving seat.

      "I don't exactly know what Gaby thinks because it is all coming from his agent but this has been going on for a year and a half now."

      The matter is likely to bubble on for a while yet, especially as the deadline for Heinze to invoke a FIFA-backed buy-out clause has now expired.

      Had the full-back stated his intent to pay up the remainder of his two-year United contract within two weeks of the season ending, Ferguson could not have stopped a move to Liverpool.

      But with that date now well gone, Ferguson, in agreement with the entire United hierarchy, will stop Benitez getting his man.

    • He maybe has not come out with a statement, but it has been leaked by some source, it was in the paper. And lets face it, it sounds like him. How long has it been since he spoke to the bbc?

      I can understand why he would not want to sell to us, like you say we are one of your biggest rivals & we will be pushing harder this year, than we ever have in the past.

      However I dont really care if he sells Henize to us or not, as i have plenty of faith in JAR, but not much in Heinze i would much rather see us sign another mid-fielder for the right. I think this would benifit much more than another defender, although Kompany would be a good signing too.

      What ever un-folds we will wait & see!

      PS/ I only be patronising on purpose!

    • Bonza butch, congratulations you have just made two of the most ridiculous rosetinted, doesnt know f@@k all about football statements i have ever read on these boards.
      "Scholes is better than gerrard and Lumpard put together"
      "Hargreaves is the complete player"

    • Ferguson is not in the way of any move that Heinze is trying to make.

      He admitted that the player wants to move on, and whilst there are a few clubs interested. No offers have been made and there is no momentum to him moving.

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