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    utd , Heinz & liverpool

    1. utd have confirmed that there is a letter stating the fee they would accept for Heinz. However, the club is adamant that the letter doesn`t legally bind them to letting him join any club that is prepared to pay that fee.

    2. As far as utd are concerned Heinz is legally bound by the conditions of his contract.

    3. utd are unhappy about the behaviour of Heinz`s agent - his brother Sebastian - and are looking in to when he made contact with liverpool.

    4. utd are also looking in to whether liverpool have made an illegal approach to Heinz.

    Benitz - who has apparently been threatening to take legal action to secure Heinz - needs to remember that two can play the legal game, and that if he Heinz is bound by his contract and liverpool have spoken to the player without utd`s approval then he is deep in the mire.

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    • no tapping up was started by chelsea

    • On Sunday The News Of The World quoted Heinze as saying “I will only leave United if Alex Ferguson says to my face that I do not enter in his plans for next season."I think I deserve a place in the starting eleven. I am perfect physically and I do not consider me to be inferior to any companion in the defense."

      I know NOTW aren't exactly reliable & I don't know when he said this but it's the only thing i've actually heard Heinze say on the matter.

    • Yes It's turning into a mess. Also does fergie want to keep Heinze now all this stuff is being said by his player?

      Or is it just his bro stirring up trouble? He (Heinze) has to make a statement sooner rather than later declaring his intentions.

      What club wants a player who wants out? Get rid of him if he dosen't want to be part of something special and wants to go to an inferior football side.

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      • Brother agents are never a good thing. Fergie said this has been going on for 18 months, which dates back to Heinze's long injury lay-off. I just don't see the player wanting to switch clubs while he's out injured, so I think a lot of this must be the agent's doing. It would explain Heinze's failure to stay at a club for more than a couple of years at a time as well.

      • I find this business distasteful. Personally I don't care if a player clearly over the hill goes to Liverpool. But I find the silence from all those ( misguided) United supporters who made him some sort of idol rather interesting. Heinze is perfectly abler to put an end to this nonsense if he wants to, clearly he is enjoying the noteriety. Sell him!