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  • ALAN ALAN Jul 25, 2007 02:01 Flag

    A question concerning Tevez and Mascherano....

    Mach is only on loan you muppets...on loan on loan on loan

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    • Ah yes, on loan from MSI, a 3rd party, a deal that the EPL are about to contest ( with WHU) in HIgh Court , is not allowed in English football. Only of course it does, not just with Mascherano but also one or two players at Portsmouth for instance. Oh what a glorious mess the EPL have made for themselves. I would imagine the Sheffield lawyers are getting their case ready as we speak to sue for £50m.

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      • And utd are attempting to take Tevez on loan in a deal that is modelled on the one that liverpool used. Not only that but according to the press utd`s legal adviser, Maurice Watkins, advised liverpool on that deal. The only difference is the liverpool deal was done before sheffield utd were relegated whilst utd are trying to do a deal against a backdrop of west ham and the EPL trying to protect themselves from the potential fallout should it emerge that the original third party agreement is still legally binding.