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    Smith 'Sale' Ludicrous!

    The proposed sale of Alan Smith to a EPL club in order to make way for Nani and Anderson is laughable to say the least, these two signings are unproven at the toughest league of them all, have only plied their trades in lesser leagues. While injuries in the past have curtailed Smith's appearances for the club, the player is a proven gladiator with sheer grit and determination to win.

    Why anyone would want to swap a proven fighter in Smith for unproven Nani and Anderson who may not justify their big money transfer fees and pre- signing hype is beyond me.

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    • I'd like to add, some of my comments above or below are intended for the usual "suspects" (rooonaldo_utd and co), so ignore them.

    • Ian, I couldn't agree more, well said. I totally enjoyed the discussion with you and also gained a valuable insight into fans feelings on these side of the border. I hope other fans can emulate fans like yourself and try to engage in mature debate rather than resorting to using expletives.

      I wish Man u a successful campaign in 2007/08 but not when you're playing us.

    • hey damp,it's only a friendly mate

    • Where did you get the idea that Smith is being sold to make room for Nani and Anderson? I know you're an Arsenal fan, but you do know the difference between a striker and a midfielder, right? ;-)

    • let's wait and see how Man U fares against the italian champs before we rush to conclusions.

    • hahahahaha,well as someone said here they were only friendlies last week damp.You won the Emirates cup mate wow we at United are so impressed

    • I think your post is 'laughable'. By your logic its uncertain if any foreign player could cut the mustard in EPL; just like Ronaldo, another Portugese, didn't.

      Smith, whilst a good player, is not great and is just a squad player. Smith is the sort of whole hearted player that English fans love but he never quite gets there, for me.

    • ian, what problem? we have none. didn't you watch the games last weekend, does that team look like a team with ANY problem whatsoever.

      Hands on heart, ian you cannot say that with Man U, there's Heinze in the background trying to call in the lawyers and threaten legal actions if he's not let go, and the small matter of Tevez on-going saga doesn't help matters either, do you want me to cite other instances of Man U problems....

    • damp why are you continuously on United's board worrying about our players when you should be on the small club's board worrying about your own team's problems etc?Tevez will be a great addition to an already fantastic squad

    • ian, 5th place no way, too good a team. We are the kids on the blocks and out to teach the old brigade (Man U, LFC, and Chelsea) lessons on how to play the beautiful game. We would also dominate the EPL for the foreseeable future. If you believe SAF comments publicly in which he stated that AFC are the team to beat and would be most dangerous team in 2007/08 and would be at the fore front fighting for the EPL title.

      Henry has lost a yard of pace as a result of injuries and aging, in the last couple of seasons he's being fast declining performance wise and no longer the force that he once was for us, don't get me wrong he was a legend at the club and in the EPL but we've got the best years out of him before selling him on to Barca. Your assessment of henry is based on past performances, sadly for him he's past it and no longer the player of old based on what we've seen of the player in the last 2 years, therefore I disagree that he was our "best player by a mile" before we sold him, not on current performances. Robin Van Persie is one of our most valuable players at present along with cesc, etc, etc.

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