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  • djmetallicat djmetallicat Aug 13, 2007 02:00 Flag

    11 against ten at HOME and still can't hack it....PATHETIC

    Rooonaldo, how can you say that Arsenal should of lost? They created 10 clear cut chances. All they need to do is start taking them and they will be unstoppable.

    Pull your head out of your fat ass and realise that Arsenal are a good team.

    Arsenal's fully fit first 11 is easily as good as uniteds. You find them a threat and thats why you spend half your life on the Arsenal board. Get a life and try to get a shag once in a while.


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    • So, when we mention our 23 shots on target against Reading, we're accused of just being in denial and told we don't want to admit how bad our team supposedly is, but when we don't worship Arsenal for making half as many chances, we have our heads in our asses?

      Wenger has taught you well.

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      • There's ahuge difference between shots on target and HALF CHANCES. C'mon iacon_99, I know you can do better than that or is it the morning sickness that's making you to not know the difference. Your over-hyped lot had some many half-chances against Reading yesterday and fluffed it as expected, on the other arsenal had 10 real chances to score and took 2 of them - still not perfect but far better than poor manure could managed all night against 10 men with gifts of undeserved free kicks from the ref.

        iacon_99, it's high time you lot stop hiding under the illusion of being the greatest team in the land, you're not. Wake up and smell the coffee, very soon City would overtake united as the top dog in Manchester under Sven the way things are going if you lot are not careful.