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  • jim w jim w Aug 16, 2007 17:51 Flag

    Worrying trend

    Since the match against City, in 4 league games United have scored just once and conceeded twice. Points 3 from 4 games. If you include cup games in normal time the record over the last 7 games is just as bad.
    There are lots of reasons put forward for this slump in individual matches, but the main problem is scoring goals. And without our 2 main scorers ( 46 goals last season) for 3 games its hard to see where the improvement will come from. Fergie says we are creating chances, but most are really long range shots when you look closely.
    There is nothing wrong with the skill of individual players, but there is something missing. Of course we don't have a natural goal predator but we didn't last season and scored lots. Teams are playing physical, compressed game against us, and just like Arsenal last season, United are finding it hard to break down. Maybe too many players are carrying niggling injuries, I think Ronaldo is still troubled by his ankle.
    Whatever the reason, United need to meet the physical challenge quickly and fight hard for those goals, it means going into the area where it hurts. If they don't soon, teams will think they can be bullied like Arsenal.
    This is a real test for the younger players, fighting to prove your still the best. It would help if all the older players would similarly put in the graft. For too long last night, Giggs was on the periphery of the action when it got fiesty in the 2nd half.
    It would be nice if Fergie could pick up another tall striker to supplement the ranks.McCarthy at Blackburn is the only EPL striker I can think of who could be bought quickly to 'do a job'.
    But the main objective now is surely to get the existing players to go that extra bit where it hurts to get those goals.
    Fergie has done this consistently over several years, its time he went back to 'muck and nettles' basics for a bit and ground out some results. I just hope we still have enough of those type of players left to to do it, or we will indeed have turned into an 'arsenal'.

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    • I will admit that it's a bit of a worry but that doesn't mean the title defense is far over. It isn't. It's only August and anything can happen from week to week.

      The team took a little knock. There's also the controversy involving Heinze which is a bit of a bother and it had affected the team's attitude but there's no reason why we should think this season is over!! It isn't!! Manchester United will bounce back! It's not like the team performed poorly. They had more chances than we had dinners. It's just a bit of bad streak going but nothing last forever. Sure we can all sit back and think what happened and the what ifs, but I don't think that. It's one game after another. Those points can mean something at the end of the season but I'm not going to sit there and have a pity party over the team and where the team stands, instead of feeling sad we should be cheering them on and finally just because Rooney and Ronaldo aren't on the team at the moment, it's not the end of the world. The team will simply have to pull up their socks and start playing.

      They will come back. Liverpool had Instanbul, Manchester United has the fighting spirits and Churchill mentioned something with blood sweat and tears. Think about that!!

    • Amd my apologies to you Jim fort wrongly driecting that post at you! :-(

    • ben_naresh D you know very little about United, are you even a supporter?

      Rossi left of his own accord, SAF asked him many times to stay, but Rossi wanted guaranteed first team football, and having first refusal should he be available again has nothing to do with bumping up the price, that was offered, and accepted, before that clause.

      Tevez and Hargreaves will need two years? What a stupid thing to say, did you read that in the Beano? Hargreaves dominated midfield against City, and Tevez just needs to be played behind a striker instead of being the front man.

      Nani and Anderson will both play this season, especially Nani, he'll need only a few more games, and Anderson will start getting games as soon as he's fit. To say they'll be butchered in the CL is another Beano moment.

    • Ben you need to analyse those statements properly:

      Saha - could he possibly have been sold at a time when he's at his least attractive ? We might have had trouble giving him away as he was on a very good contract salary-wise with United. We are the only ones who could possibly have had any faith on him coming through. We HAD to keep him & hope - but we didn't have to kid ourselves though.

      SAF does not seem to have fancied Rossi for the EPL; if SAF talked him up at all, it was to bolster up the asking price. Having first refusal on Rossi should he leave, is to my mind just a sales haggling technique - that of demanding a worthless concession when having to drop our previous asking price (to save face).

      Nani & Anderson were not purchased with this season in mind. It seems like that SAF hoped to muddle through the start of this season - or he may yet even now have something up his sleeve !? To most of us it would appear that we have no strikers fit & all those who are fit are considered good enough! Tevez & Hargreaves will soon dissolve any doubts as to their abilities.

      As for Richards' performance in defence, the job is a bit easier if the entire balance of the team do nothing else apart from defend either.

    • my question is why keep an injury prone saha and sell smith?

      why then sell rossi when we know that we are short of strikers??

      Tevez and Hargraves showed they will adapt to United within the next 2-3 games. To me, they are excellent signings.

      nani and anderson will be good..maybe in 1-2 yrs. Put them to play in CL and they will be butchered.

      Giggs is getting old, who will be his ideal replacement?

      If Rio or vidic is injured, do we have back up??

      Micah richards had a superb game..wish we had him!!

    • So, it's as I thought - we should perhaps also take only 50% say of sales value as immediate cash.

      However, the net spend still doesn't add up to a fantastic sum for a club of United's means especially given an agreed £25m budget regardless + extra revenue from the successes of last year + anticipated extra TV revenue that clubs like Spurs, West Ham & Everton seem to be spending, not to mention the hike in admission prices. I still think cash flow IS a cause of worry for the club owners paying 14.3% on the top slice of debts.

      I am 100% with you on this Jim that we can't rely on just Saha, on whom everything hinges. He might be out injured no sooner than he returns. That is the long term problem that has not been addressed. Rumours were that SAF himself had run of of patience. We're screaming out for another real forward - witness the fact that the performance worsened after the changes on Sunday!

    • No, I think all fees these days are paid in installments. Its more cash-flow rather than P&L. I don't think there is any doubt United have sufficient cash flow to 'buy' another striker.

    • Jim, do we KNOW that the fees for all the sales are receivable nowish / have been received already ?

    • No, the figures you mention are for the total fees , not what was paid this year. Both Nani and Anderson deald were £7m now plus another £10 and £13 respectfully in future years and depending on appearances and success. Indeed Hargreaves fee can rise to £20m with success fees. MSI are paid £5m per year for Tevez.
      There are indeed commitments for future years, but the net expendditure this year is as I have stated.

    • jim, the figures you quoted above for nani, anderson, hargreaves and tevez are off the mark, here's the sums for the 4 players ( £17 million each for nani and anderson according to thier former clubs), plus £17 million for hargreaves. Add £10 million united signed to hire tevez services for 2 seasons and you get £63 million (Note: agents fees were not included) . see links below:



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