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  • Red Devil for Life Red Devil for Life Aug 17, 2007 02:43 Flag

    This weekend

    City this weekend and they look confident.
    After Ronaldo's sending off what will be the mifield for this one?

    Giggs, Scholes, Carrick, Nani
    or will Hargreaves and Anerson appear?

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    • Got to hand it to you, this is one hell of a reply. But was not sure I was asking anyone for a legal brief.

      Fact is all these posts on any teams board are subjective, as are emotions like "panic", or "worried". If you do not see any hint of panic in those posts, then so be it. I'm not one to question someone elses perceptions.

      I'm used to dealing with over confident MU fans, so to see what looks like a major turn around in confidence level smelt a bit like panic to me. Lets agree to disagree, but whatever you do, don't go off and do any panic buying.

    • The post in the second link from 'steve r' (aka ling-ba99 I think from memory) contains the word 'panic' in a rhetorical question posed to which the writer clearly expects a resounding 'No'. There is no panic expressed whatsoever. The body of the post suggests the complete opposite. And you rightly concur this is NOT an example of panic.

      The first post does not indicate any panic either. Without having to restate/reproduce the post, again there is nothing to assume that the writer is in a state of panic. He merely raises the question 'Do we need another striker?'. This is in essence not a lot different to my stance - I'm in agreement with that writer - my point is that what we do is very much dependent on what our objectives are and whether we have the added finance this would entail. I have also included the possibility of a loan deal as being a more realistic answer, could one be found, citing the case of Larsson last year.

      The point that is being made is not to do with Tevez not having reached his full potential yet or Rooney's injury alone - it is that Ronaldo is also unavailable now for 3 games and that we appear to have no fit strikers that SAF feels confident enough to do the job. In the light of all info available, all we could do was to press O'Shea into action as a forward. You cannot fail to see that this alone begs the question 'Do we have the strike force necessary to win the EPL - all fit and available ?'

      I would assert 'expressing concern' has no correlation with being a glory hunter.

    • He's a couple examples I read that I thougth showed the MU fans were panicing:



      The second one I'll grant you the original post is looking for calm, but some of the responses suggest panic in the air. Moves like calling for a new stiker to be brought in while the ink on Tevez's contract is still drying seems a bit panicky. Just the fact anyone would suggest you should buy yourselves out of trouble after you've spent mega money suggests a little desperation. Also might suggest the original purchases were not strategic and therefore questions the managers

      On the glory hunter side, maybe I'm wrong, but I've always suspected the ranks of your supporters are swelled by sunny day fans. This would be true of any club that has had success over many years. I'm sure Liverpool had the same during the 70 and 80's, but as a football fans these types offend me. Those people I'd like to poke fun at as they measure up a fitting for their extra large Lampard shirt! True Man U fans I hate but respect, and think any Man U fan would say the same about his Merseyside rivals. Fact that people posting 2 games into a season can be so critical suggest they are sunny day types. But hey that just comes from someone who's supported his team through the glory days and a few dark days over the last 30 years. But I expect the sun is rising on Merseyside.

    • good to chat with a real fan (even a hated rival) rather than the glory hunters and blabber mouths.

      Respect - YNWA

    • THAT would not be a part of what anyone could call reasoned discussion/debate. If Dsteer or anybody else has a valid point to make then I'm all ears.

    • he's a 'pool fan so why would his opinion matter here.

    • Up till now I thought most of your posts tonight were fairly reasonable & well reasoned arguments.

      However, would you please provide examples of panic and further elaborate on/substantiate your statement that any connotation of panic as inferred IS a trait of glory hunting. I put it to you you are merely dealing with cliches that have no part in a reasoned discussion and are also stretching my imagination with your statements expressing incredulity at the "overly pessimistic reaction of fans on this board as whole/ a majority".

      Dsteer, you cannot have it both ways. Either you concur with those who've expressed a certain amount of worry or you dismiss them. Your are effectively running with the hare and chasing with the foxes!

      The worriesome aspect to which refer is the very point that any of your so-called "Sgt. Mainwarings" have alluded to.

    • Absolutely dsteer, I'm really looking forward to the Liverpool games. Because I know that LFC are getting better and will be challengers this season, as will a few other teams.

      I have respect for opposition teams even though on match day I hate them. They all have a right to be there and rightly so.

      But people have to start thinking before they write nonsence. 2 games in and it's all hands to the pumps. Give it a rest pls.

      Look forward to more rival banter and good luck, your gunna need it m8:)

    • Hey lighten up, if you read what I posted I actually think you all are panicking too early. But that might be because you go a lot of glory hunter fans (present company excluded I'm assuming).

      Your right its not time for panic. But it should be a little worrisome. Last year we were picked as the favorite to win the prem, and all said we had real strength from the summer signings. But we got a horrible start, and while played our socks off in the second half, could not catch up.

      I'll admit a take a little pleasure in some of this, but I came to this board to see what MU fans were saying. I was a little shocked by the many statements, and as a football fan a little disgusted by some of the defeatism. But hey, at least there are few of you out there who have a little fortitude. Its a long season and I for one look forward to a very tight race up until the end.

    • If Hargreaves is ready then maybe a 5 man midfield consisting of: Nani, Scholes, Hargreaves, Carrick and Giggs.
      Tevez as the lone striker.

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