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    Any REAL United fans overly worried?


    I say REAL in light of the Arsenal fans over here pretending to be United fans...

    - We're playing dominant attacking football, creating plenty of chances.

    - We've had 40 shots in 2 games!

    - Tevez looks to have slotted in well, I think he's going to be a gem of a signing.

    - Nani has shown glimpses of his brilliant talent. I never thought he would slot in this fast. Another superb signing.

    - We dominated the majority of both our games so far, and when I say dominated, I mean Reading couldn't get in our half all game, and neither could Portsmouth first half and half of the second half! I know they created chances but the game should have been tied up before they scored.

    - So we're struggling to score at the moment. Or have we just been really unlucky?

    Has the same team (plus a few quality signings) suddenly lost the ability to find goals from all over the park?

    Has Scholes lost his goal scoring ability?!

    Has Giggs? Have the 15 other scorers???!!!

    Rooney is out for 6 weeks max. Big deal, we have Tevez for now. Ronaldo misses 3 games, ok give Eagles a chance, we'll cope, Nani can shine. Ronaldo has been poor by his standards anyway.

    I just dont see the why people are worrying, especially considering we only got 1 point out of the two fixtures last season!?!

    What did we get at Eastlands last season too?!

    Im not saying we haven't had a disappointing start by our standards, but its hardly worrying really is it when you compare it to our numerous slips last season, yet we still managed to win my 6 points!

    With the football we are playing all it needs is a win and the confidence is back, and then we will be off on one of our trademark runs winning every game in sight for a few months!

    Chelski have been conceding easily, to weaker sides.

    Arsenals defence is very poor, their squad after their first 11 is nowhere near good enough to be consistent enough to win the title.

    And does ANYONE genuinely think Rafas long ball side can win the title playing THAT ugly football? Ok Chelski did but they had 22 world class players. Liverpool have about 3. What I saw against Villa was a side that would get easily beaten without Gerrard, and he can't win them every game by himself.

    None of the big three look to have progressed much. Torres could be good in time, but he wont get that many goals. Arsenal have sold Henry and replaced him with Eduardo, wheres the improvement there? Chelski still dont know how to look after their players so have to rely on using injuries as some sort of excuse, lets see how long that lasts them.

    Cheer up people, if we play like we did in the last two games and get that little bit of luck infront of goal we will come out COMFORTABLE winners. City, spurred on by their crowd will come at us, leaving space for our attacking players to exploit. We have the best defence in the league, they dont. We have quality in every department, they dont. Let them think they have the advantage, because they really, really don't!

    And if we get ANYTHING out of this game we will STILL be better off than we were from these PARTICULAR fixtures than last season! Remember that! :-)

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    • Mrs Ofoi,
      Your knowledge, perception and awareness is astounding.

      Wouldn't Crouchie have really got us a couple of asides by mistake.

      Maybe he would have had United 6-1 up by half time at eastlands too.

    • Crouch would have scored four goals for us in the opening games, he was just what we were missing.

    • Crouch. lol. You are pulling our pisser arent you?

    • Good post, Rooon. I couldn't agree more. I don't expect things to go as well this season as they did last, but as you say, last year's results weren't so different to these. I'm frustrated with the injury problems we're having and can't wait to see the full strength team in action.

    • All the negative talk after just 2 games is silly.
      We haven't even played Hargreaves or Anderson yet.

      We have so many options and as you say once we start scoring we won't stop.
      The problem we face time after time is teams so frightened of losing they play for a draw. It's difficult to score past 10 defenders and a Goal Keeper. As the season progresses these teams HAVE to take a risk or get relegated, thats when they open up and we hammer them.
      I have no worries and trust Sir Alex to pick the right teams for the right matches.
      On another note, how long before the FA do something about Ronaldo getting kicked all over the park by players with no talent who's only means of stopping him is to hack him down?
      This will also happen to Nani and Anderson.

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      • You're absolutely right. The lesser sides have been adopting a 'safety first' apparoach wheever they play the big sides to avoid losing. Reading defended like a rock and their goalie was in flying form in that match. What you said about Ronaldo, Nani and Anderson is true. Opposing defenders, especially those from the lesser clubs, often resort to intimidation tactics(e.g. hacking them down) to stop them, and the FA must put a stop to that or else the aforementioned 3 might get serious injuries, which is very bad. But knowing the FA and how they've treated us over the years, would they?

      • I am certainly not worried.The team is playing good football and creating chances,what we need to do is start putting a few away.As for talk of SAF not being motivated to turn on the hairdryer,i certainly would not like to face him in the dressing room and i am sure the players are not being complacent.

    • Nope We shall prevail

    • We got 6 points from the same fixtures last season, the most we can get this time is 5.
      However to answer your question, yes I'm concerned that in the last 7 competitive games we have hardly scored a goal from open play.
      Often United supporters criticise Arsenal for attractive football with no end product, well thats exactly the current problem with United. IHopefully its a matter of confidence, once one or two 'lucky' ones go in the goals will pour in. Hopefully!
      I think we miss Saha badly, and it worries me that we have no like for like replacement. The rest of the team/squad is very talented , but we need another 'bigger' striker. Campbell and Brandy are great prospects but are quick and smallish, we need the variety a bigger guy gives you for certain matches.

    • personally not worried, whenever we have been on far east tour we have struggled at start of season. I don't think its that good for our fitness levels and somehow we pick up injuries, don't know why but check back and I think you'll find I'm right
      with new faces just in will be very happy with second, But don't get me wrong first would be lovely.
      Relax we will get loads of entertaining football whatever happens and thats what the red devils are all about

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      • Not really worried, two wins would have been great but it is not like we are a team who cannot create chances. The goals will soon come when Tevez and Co hit top gear.
        The City fixture this weekend is more than just bragging rights now though; at the moment we have, Neville, Rooney, Saha, Ole, Hargreaves (lacking match fitness) and Ronaldo (suspension) out and the team is still competitve.
        This weekend we do need a result even a draw would suit, but I think it will be 2 - 1 to US.
        The following team should play;
        Van Der Sar

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      The facility? You are the expert...Room 3....har har....you really slipped up there bonzai.....

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