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  • Chuck Chuck Aug 20, 2007 16:58 Flag

    Are Man Utd too reliant on Rooney and Ronaldo

    Are Manchester United too reliant on Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo? Not that it needs repeating, but Man Utd have had the worst start to a season for 15 years leaving them 16th in the Premier League.

    Now, although it may be too early to talk about league positions - after all, there's still 33 games left - it does seem rather odd that United have started so poorly. Do they rely too much on Rooney and Ronaldo? Would they have beaten City if the pair had been playing or are Tevez and Nani perfectly good replacements?

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    • Come to think of it Roon and Ron have scored in United last 3 games and have single handedly won matches but even if the two leave, the squad can still cope cuz we've got Ferdinand, Tevez, Giggs and Vidic who are world class players!

    • ManU do not rely on the two chaps, but instead rely very very much on the FA referees to do them the favour. They are simply too "untouchable" by the referees, and only acting against the other team and favour ManU for whatever referee decision. Be it Giggs, Rooney, or Ronaldo, nobody is important than the referee. Man U simply rely on referees decision. That's how they won last season, and that's why they lost in CL. Only EPL they win, because referees is on their side.

    • Not really, although they are an integral unit in Manchester United's stylish attacking form of soccer, they are other people who can fill their slots e.g. Nani,Teves,Saha,Scholes,Carrick e.t.c

    • Didn't have a chance to read any of the other posts, but i thought that scholes was off his game and you missed Giggs off the front man, though injury.

      At least Hargreaves, as a positive, probably had his best game for you to date in the EPL. Seems to be gelling and getting forward a lot better than the last time I saw ManU on TV.

    • Is someone taking the p*ss here?

      377 replies at time of counting and virtually all by people who NEVER post anything on this message board?!

      Smells FISHY to me....

    • Man utd play best when they aren't playing in fixed posisitions, and Rooney and Ronaldo are the best at that

    • Rooney and Ronaldo are successful players.The reason for that is their talent and other players who provide them

    • the Vengeance of the ginger bull the Vengeance of the ginger bull Aug 29, 2007 05:21 Flag

      Well, are Chelsea too reliant on Drogba...Are Liverpoor (intentionally) too reliant on Gerrard...Of course they are, what kind of question is that? 4tunately, MAN UTD. Have enough players to replace them TEMPORARILY, there are Giggs,Carrick,Scholles,VIDIC...but without roonaldo....It might not be enough. Ferguson does have the nose for those young gns, but you have to give them time,Nani was suposed to gradually become a link in the team, not for the whole team to rely on him and Tevez? It's too much pressure!!! Things will work out for Man utd...if not in the premiership..we'll devour 'em all in the champions league, I can already see a replay of '99 i mean...Bayern have a promising crew this year,however...!!!

    • of course rooney and ronaldo are the best players but dont forget man united has got 28 players this season so regardless of these injuries or red cards we are going to produce the goods iknow how we are performin upfront but dont forget tevez anderson nani are just new players and they are yet to settle down lets see once they settle down may be they will be more than rooney and ronaldo and that will make us the champions again

    • we shouldnt have bought tevez with that kind of money wasted on him we could have bought 2 new strickers berba or anelka. with ronaldo tho i think because he is the best younge player in the premiership i think that they do need him but nani great signing!! - when does ronaldo return this weekend against sunderland or the folowing match??

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