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    united BEWARE of a badly wounded JOL

    In light of the growing calls for Martin Jol to be sacked by some Spurs officials due to recent poor performances in the league would a badly wounded Jol be too dangerous for United to tame?

    Martin Jol may have the feeling that his time at the helm is fast running out and have something to prove before getting the sack if results at Old Trafford conspire against him on Sunday.

    Is this the wrong time for United to be playing an under-fire Jol? Would a wounded Jol spoil the United party as City did or honours even?

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    • chris, I'd like to add too that I'm retiring this ID (damp.squib) permanently after Sunday's match with Spurs as you in particular have succeeded in dragging my good name through the mud amongst the citizens of the Republic of Mancunian. The good news is I'd be back under a brand new user ID and would try to ignore your usual titty tatty and spamming which you are notorious for on the Arsenal board as I do not want history repeating itself once again.

      Goodbye chris and good luck with your spamming on the arsenal board, your love jackowacko.....

    • chrissie boy you're being cheeky there, you're trying to too smart to get me to reveal my ID, sorry I'm not falling for it...thanks

    • chris, I think it's a bit foolhardy of you to disclose your real name on this superhighway contrary to Yahoo explicit advise not to do so in the TOS. chris, beware of ID cloners who are at large on this board and would not be afraid to assume your real ID in the real world. For this reason and this reason only I'm inclined not to reveal my real name but since you're very polite in asking you can call me jackowacko henceforth, thanks my love.

    • Confirms my theory about you.

      you post like a girl, talk like a girl, argue like a girl, whinge like a girl, your name is Christine, and you don't know anything about football.

      damp is also a girl. Judging by her posts, she has pigtails and hairy legs.....

      ...har har............!!

    • berlinspur, I'm sure too that you haven't seen some of rooonaldo_utd previous rubbish threads on our board some of which are in links above, if you have then I would not be surprised if you conclude that it's a fair game otherwise if these mancs weakling can't stomach the pains then they shouldn't go round other boards posting scam threads with sole purpose to incite trouble. As they say If you can't stand the heat then get the fu
      don't go round other fans boards posting rubbish if you don't want crap posted on yours. simple logic.....

      finally, spurs would win sunday's match with united, fact. I predicted city to win too last sunday and I was proved right.

    • Should be a good open game, both manager have a point to prove. Hope we see a few goals, Tevez needs one badly to give him a push

    • good post....

      wise son, spot-on i think most posts to this thread missed the points of the thread entirely. it is too early to call after 3 dismal matches. weekend game btw the 2 may have an impact to make or break either manager's season depending on who wins. also utd are lacking firepower upfront while the quartet of spurs strikers (bent, berbatov, keane and defoe) are beigining to find theirs. both managers would be safe in their jobs whatever happens on sunday for the unt or spurs

    • I've seen many more cases of managers in trouble staying in trouble, whereas new managers tend ot get great results from the same team, before they settle back in to a dismal pattern.

      What's ridiculous is for Spurs or United fans (or Arsenal fans like yourself) to be calling either manager a failure after 3 games.

    • lol, no i haven't read any of his previous posts, and you're right, i shouldn't have jumped in, kneejerk reaction to all the s**t i'd been reading about big mj, nothing more.

      anyway, should make for a good game on sunday.

      i'll f**k off back to my own board now then ;-) lol

    • Damp/Ron just get a fucking room please. We dont wont to see all this for-play

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