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    HEINZE: Why the EPL is the only Loser

    In the last couple of years we have seen many great world class players depart the EPL for Seria A and La Liga, an example being Ruud Van Nisterooy, Thierry Henry, David Beckham, Patrick Veira and some decent lesser known talents too. It seems Chelsea are going to lose Arjen Robben another fine player to Real Madrid before the transfer window is closed.

    While Barcelona and arch-rival Madrid regularly transfer players between the two clubs, AC Milan and Inter Milan also do the same allowing players required by either of the clubs to flow freely between themselves, Manchester United refused to transfer Heinze to Liverpool and would not change that policy in the modern era since Phil Chisnall joined Bill Shankly on Merseyside in 1964.

    The reason for not sanctioning Heinze's move is clear but the EPL is the only loser as a result, losing another good player to La Liga when the EPL is trying very hard to establish itself as the best league in the world, certainly the EPL could do without losing one of its shining stars to La Liga once again.

    In modern day football where loyalty by players is out of the window and money talks generally who the $%^& cares who owns which players? Most fans only care about players who wants to play for their club and couldn't care less where they ended up if a player is unwilling to commit for their club. In the interest of the EPL should Man United and Liverpool abandon this archaic policy not to transfer players between the two clubs?

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    • David, you nothing about the fans of United or Liverpool or you would not have made that statement.

    • both heinze and robben are diving nancy boys who spent more time rolling around on the floor in fake agony then actually playing football. The prem will be better without either of them.

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      • talking about diving are you a various team penalty dishorourably by deceiving the referees, I bet there are few hundreds of players who had done so in the past and what's gonna happen to the epl and how many players would be left then if the premier league fully implemented your above board advise?

        let's face it the loss of both players to la liga is a real shame and the epl can do without losing them because both are great players on their day.

    • I think EPL is Most Marketable league in terms of TV revenue and Number of Subscriber . But i think Spanish League is more Competitive because you always have a new Club entering into Champions League each year Like Sevilla,Osasuna etc and then you have clubs like Real Zaragoza , A.Madrid who also show their intent in breaking into the TOP 4. Whereas in England it is more or less the same usual 4 suspects who play in the champions League each year whereas other clubs Target coming 5th as biggest realistic achievements in that league . The results is that Sevilla now fancy themselves to win the title while Everton and Newcastle Fancy themselves to finish 5th, which is not good enough .

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      • Hope with new management in clubs such as man city and newcastle and managers like keano and coppell or anyone else would do some changes to the top 4 teams trend. It'll take time and effort but not impossible. we had leeds and blackburn winning the PL with some good player rather than top stars in the past. Anyhow PL is the best and im glad Mighty Devils, Man Utd are the champions. No regrets.....

    • United did not sell Heinze to Liverpool because his contract forbade a move to any of the other top EPL clubs. Heinze's contract still had 2 years to run, and the clauses of his contract have contractual hierarchy over any sub-letter.

    • I think the EPL just got only better.

      Beside that, last game I saw on Serie A was the Milan derby and I fell asleep during the first half. La Liga may boast about having quality players but just how often do they play and live up to expectation.

      Liverpool and Chelsea: Absolutely Brilliant (well expect for Styles)

      ManUtd and Liverpool

      Chelsea and Arsenal
      Spurs and Arsenal
      Spurs and Chelsea
      Chelsea and ManUtd.

    • All the players you mention had reached and passed their peak.
      If Utd and Pool dont want to sell to each other than fine, so what. Its their decision.

    • I agree with what you're saying with the matter of world class players leaving for Italy or Spain and it's a shame... But! Heinze isn't as great as he was so I don't think losing him is such a great loss. I mean he's clearly United's second string LB. I think the injuries he has suffered has hampered him. In any way, he's 29 now and surely isn't getting any better.
      I think the EPL will be just fine without him.
      It's more a shame of Robben leaving. If that player could only cut out the diving he could be one hell of a player! He's still very young too.
      In regards to Manchester United and Liverpool trading, if a club doesn't want to sell a player to a club that should be their right. Manchester United don't want to sell any of their players to their main rivals, just like Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal wouldn't sell any of their players to their main rivals, I don't think their is anything wrong with that.

    • Both clubs are so far up their own backsides that its unbeliavable.

      I'd favour Liverpool FC though in this argument, at least they have more of a local fanbase than manUre could EVER have.

      I notice how manUre whinge when their players are connected to other football clubs, but its all ok & fine when manUre continual cause speculation and unrest at other clubs when manUre make it public who their target transfers are!

      Its always one rule for manUre and another rule for every other football club!

      Especially when refs keep giving manUre 5 minutes of extra time and free kicks galore to help them win games.