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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 24, 2007 14:43 Flag

    HEINZE: Why the EPL is the only Loser

    I think EPL is Most Marketable league in terms of TV revenue and Number of Subscriber . But i think Spanish League is more Competitive because you always have a new Club entering into Champions League each year Like Sevilla,Osasuna etc and then you have clubs like Real Zaragoza , A.Madrid who also show their intent in breaking into the TOP 4. Whereas in England it is more or less the same usual 4 suspects who play in the champions League each year whereas other clubs Target coming 5th as biggest realistic achievements in that league . The results is that Sevilla now fancy themselves to win the title while Everton and Newcastle Fancy themselves to finish 5th, which is not good enough .

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    • Hope with new management in clubs such as man city and newcastle and managers like keano and coppell or anyone else would do some changes to the top 4 teams trend. It'll take time and effort but not impossible. we had leeds and blackburn winning the PL with some good player rather than top stars in the past. Anyhow PL is the best and im glad Mighty Devils, Man Utd are the champions. No regrets.....