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    Are AFC and LFC the teams to beat this season?

    Let's forget the past glory - this is 2007/08 season. YES, United won the league last season but currently look more like a team destined for a relegation scrum than a title contender or at best a middle-table mediocrity team. YES, it is too early to write-off Chelsea and Man United chances but given what we seen of the two teams so far it is safe to conclude that both Arsenal and Liverpool are the main teams to beat for the 2007/08 EPL title.

    Chelsea are currently top in the league table but even their manager admitted their league position makes a mockery of their current form and were very lucky to get the 3 points against a poor Pompey at the weekend and previous week a point away at Liverpool. On the other hand, Arsenal and Liverpool have both turned in exceptional performances so far in the league despite both teams having to negotiate tricky CL qualification matches away from home.

    Are we witnessing a complete EPL power shift from Chelsea and United to Arsenal and Liverpool? COMMENTS..........

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    • The Full list of teams to beat are as follows:

      Chelsea, Manchester City, Wigan Athletic, Liverpool, Everton, Arsenal, Newcastle United, Portsmouth, Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa, Birmingham City, Middlesbrough, West Ham United, Reading, Sunderland, Tottenham Hotspur, Bolton Wanderers, Fulham,
      Derby County.

      I've watched all your games so far and you'll be lucky to beat half of them the way you've started the season so far!

      *Chin up* though there's always next season

    • One word. NO!!!

      It's August for crying out loud. Anything can happen at this point.

    • I think Fergie has his eyes strongly on Europe this season. I think the days of one Premiership side doing trebles and such are gone, I can see more and more teams soon challenging for The Premiership, that it will be a bit like the Championship league, where only a few points separate the top and bottom of the table. It will make for more entertainment for the average Football goer.

      The fact Liverpool won in Europe a few seasons ago, made me think they were back as a force to be reckoned with for the future, then they did nothing. I have not seen Liverpool play this season, so I don't know, however I think your right about Arsenal, they will go unnoticed and be up there again.

      My gut feeling is Chelsea won't do a lot this season. In fact I think they will fade to mid table for a few years.

      Never ever write off Man Utd though. A bad start, but not that bad to say quite a lot of the usual starters are injured and they have 4 or 5 new boys finding their feet. They are all making swift progress but maybe Tevez may take longer, but will shine on the European stage.

      Put it this way, United have had their lapse for the season, it won't be long before they are firing on all cylinders, every other team will lapse and before you know it, United will be in strong contention.

      I think the title will be Man Utd or Arsenal's. Like I said, I think Fergie's priorities though are Europe with the Premiership to go for if there is an unexpected calamity in Europe. Ronaldo, Tevez, Rooney, Nani, with Scholes,Giggs are a new side destined for European glory. By the time it is all to play for they will be there.

      Sorry, but I dont think Liverpool will do it, not this time, maybe the FA Cup. Although, when they do come back into the reckoning, it will be with a vengeance and it will then be a hard task for any team to take them on.

      I would like to see Newcastle up there as well, poor sods up that way deserve something good to happen.

      Got introduced to this georgeous scouse chick, so I told her I was a Liverpool fan of which she replied, I support Man Utd, Blown it again, sod it.

    • Based on what I seen so far:-

      1. LFC
      2. AFC
      3. CFC
      4. Spurs!
      5. City!
      6. MUFC

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      • I believe if it was not the blind referee at Liverpool vs Chelsea match,Chelsea suppose to be 7 point right now,thanks to that blind referee who change the match.Arsenal also get a draw while we droping point at Man City.
        However,a draw is a draw,would it benefit for Chelsea,yes.Would it benefit for Liverpool,no.Arsenal's unlucky draw,bad for them.Would United glad to see them draw?Definitely.
        I can't say who is our team to beat right now.I can see Chelsea,Liverpool and Arsenal top of our team.But from my observation,I would love to see Chelsea droping point,cause they are the team who constantly playing bad but getting point.It just a matter of time they'll drop the point some day,so I'm not worrying so much.As for AFC or LFC,I can see a draw will come for them,so I also not focusing on them too much.
        As for United,the pressure is on the top leader,so we just need to do our job,keep pressuring the leader,hopefully something good will come to us.

    • What are you talking about?AFC or LFC the team to beat?I don't care which club it is,every English team are the team to beat.All we need to do is to focus on ourself,I believe in the position of where we are now,every match will be the final for us,we must chase every point in front of us now,to close the gap of the table leader.If we pay attention and keep performing,I believe the United will overcome all the rivals.I believe United got the ability to make that happen,our new players are improving whilst it was good to us,I can see us winning every game from now on,cause we just finding our winning feels back.