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  • good to see him on teh scoreline. He was fit, and played really well.

    He brought most of the chances we created. definitly good to have him back.

    I guess we ove him an apology for jokes we made on him.

    Thanks Louis!

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    • It did seem that Scholes could have use the oppurtunity to move forward more than he did. Hargreaves did comment that he was very aware that these are players he's not played with, which says to me that you'll see better from him.

      But yeah, I think Carick is better suited to some games than Hargreaves, and vice versa.

    • I rate Hargreaves , but i think Carrick provides a calming influence in midfield. Hargreaves whilst good at breaking up attacks and defending the back 4, does make it a bit frantci. But it is very early days

    • for me...i guess we are missing Gary...his overlaps and crosses....

    • i guess its good to have competition from teams other than the famous 4. should make the PL more unpredictable. Glory...Glory...Man United!!!

    • You must know what its like. Trying to get all my thoughts down in an easily understood order, then the coffee and lack of sleep kick in.

      You need to really pick some of my posts to bits sometimes.

      BTW I wasn't trying to be too critical of the "long ball" method its a tactic frequently used by Chelsea and Pool last season. It was just suprising coz ManU usually raid the wings and slip the passes through with perfect weight.

    • Well, as a pool fan i hope not, but ManU aren't looking as bad as they were after a couple of games at the beginning of the season (even with the ugly wins). It must have been the late night and the fact i'd just come off Stuntman Ignition (infuriating game).

      Theres just a feeling in the air that this is gonna be one of the best recent EPL seasons. A report in the Mail mentioned that 12 teams had spent over £20 mil before the tranfer window, so quite a few teams have spent heavily on expanding their squad (though £20 mil doesn't buy you a lot these days). Everton are looking very competative at the moment and so are Villa, and City (ignoring their very negative ManU game)and other teams are likely to "grow" into their expanded squad potential.

      I've got butterflys already just thinking about the rest of the season. Good butterflys though.

    • I never slated him, quite the opposite in fact. Every true United fan knows how good Saha is, when fit.

    • Ian if in your humble opinion I am not allowed to say what I feel about a player then what are you doing bringing Neville and Ole into the debate about Sick Note. I pay my money so I'm allowed to air my views or are you saying that 3 season tickets don't allow me this honour. You act as if you are judge and jury and you have the nerve to question my comeback to your question. I suggest you read this thread below and you may just start eating your words . If you want to take the moral high ground I suggest you think before you write .

      Read this and remeber your words you spanner

    • He posts messages with better content than you do, and your irritating rose tinted spectacle wearing views Ian.

    • What a load of b*llocks!

      Apologise for making a joke?! F*ck off! He IS injury prone! If you cant take banter don't follow football you big girls blouse!

      Apologise for thinking we should sell him?

      Well I don't think that myself but if some people here believe we can't rely on him (which we can't for the entirety of the season) and think we would be better off replacing him then lets respect their right to think this, as who is anyone here to say they are wrong?!

      Personally I think that when he is fit he is as good as anyone and great for Dong and Campbell to learn from - which is the stance we should take IMO.

      Cole wasn't technically as good as Shearer, but he was twice as quick and got himself into twice as many positions to score. These guys might miss twice as many chances, but they create more themselves. Saha could have had 30 last season if he'd remained fit. I think he would have outscored Drogba.

      He has consistently got goals for us, you can't argue with his record.

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      • Did no-one think that ManU are a worst team with him playing. Yes he scored the decider in what was a very poor showing from your other strikers. But you turned into Wimbledon.

        It's like when Chelsea just continually hoof the ball up to Drogba (or Liverpool with Crouch last season) and expect something to happen.

        Is attractive football now dead in Manchester in favour of the Long Ball. What happened to tearing teams apart with intelligent movement through the centre and down the wings and the speedy counter attacking from last year. Does that stop when you lose a couple of players.

        I found it funny that he was given the man of the match award for playing for 45 mins, heading the ball into the corner and have a shot on goal. I don't want to be too hard on ya but my mates (3 ManU fans I watched the match with) where disgusted with the way they played and only cheered up when the goal went in. btw they have been collectively supporting ManU for 70 odd years.

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