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    United Strikeforce

    Just curious to see what other United fans think of the striker situation at the club?

    Tevez is, I believe, a quality player who will show his worth before too long. However, the games he's played so far indicate that he really isn't at his best when playing as a centre forward. This is not too surprising and doesn't take anything from his reputation as he's always been regarded as an attacker who plays off a centre forward.

    With Saha back, the team now have the focus in attack that has been missing. The 2nd half against Sunderland shows the positive effect he'll have on the team's attacking play. So long as he remains fit United's strikeforce is looking good!

    The question then is that what happens when Rooney is back from injury? Although Rooney is perhaps more capable of playing as the centre forward than Tevez is, I feel that you loose something from him when you ask him to lead the line. His best performances, in my opinion, have come when he has played off a centre forward (Saha or V.Nistelrooy). During the first half against Reading, Rooney often went in search of the ball, leaving nobody up front to offer an outlet. So when he's fit who plays, Rooney/Tevez, Rooney/Saha, Tevez/Saha??

    My opinion is that you need the focus in attack that Saha provides. Having a player like that, who will stay up front, lead the line, play off the shoulders of the defense and is able to hold the ball up and play other in, gives the freedom to the support striker and wingers (i.e. the likes of Rooney, Tevez, Ronaldo, Nani, Giggs, etc) to go in search of the ball and create devastation. So with Saha utilized as the centre forward, that leaves one spot in attack for either Rooney or Tevez (assuming United will continue to play 4-4-2)...and I just really can't see a fit Rooney being left out of the team.

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    • pretty fair assessment original post.
      have we forgotten that saf used 3 frontmen last season on several occassions if playing 3 could use tvez and rooney slightly behind saha in cetain games in others back to saha ronaldo and giggs for more width lot of possible combinations.
      how about 343 against the shut up shop merchants off brown/nev, vidic and ferdinand with evra playing an advanced wing back or nani doing the same god the permutations are endless and isn't that what saf's signings have been all about

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      • That is a fair point....the signings made this summer have increased the permutations for midfield and attack, and it is true that SAF used three up front on occasion last year, especially in Europe.

        The wealth of talent in the squad now in terms of wingers and support strikers is mouth watering. Some may still need time to bed in but the potential is impressive. Having said that, the point still remains that however many quality wingers or deep lying forwards you have on the field.....the last few games would seem to indicate that without the focus up front, the play can become a bit directionless.

        So long as Saha continues to do his thing we're in good shape I think. However, without him I fear that we may be in danger of becoming like Arsenal of the last few years.....if everyone is on form and clicking as a group we'll be devastating, but if the players are not all firing on all cylinders we could become less effective.

        Of course this is all speculation....it is still early days and we've been without our two star players recently. With them back and on form most likely we'll have nothing to worry about!

      • Although I know Tevez is a good player i don't think we should have bought him as from what I have seen from him at United. I agree that we needed another target man and Anelka is looking very good. Maybe Tevez could adapt into a target man? We shall see at the end of the season...

    • Good post. I agree with what you say and its a realistic assessment. Saha and his type of player is what we been missing because a lot of the Utd frontline are creators not out and out finishers. Even Rooney cant be classed as the same someone like Ole or Saha, Theyre a bit different in style of play. The proof that is he not as effective as targetman and SAF uses him behind the striker like that in his best position.
      Given a full season, if Saha could manage it, most probably score more than Rooney. Ronaldo hasnt kicked in yet either. So the promise is there...it just has to click. I can see Roon Ronny and Tevez but no Tevez with Saha and never Tevez over Roon.
      With Ole gone, i like to see another Saha frontline striker as backup. I was hoping for Le Sulk, Aneleka because he still is doing the business but i dont think that`ll happen.
      I have no idea why we arent getting goals from over the team like last year in abundance but maybe it`ll click.

    • Stikeforce? United dont have one. Thats why they are struggling at the moment.

      Without R&R they are an average team im afraid. An average team driven by OAPs like Scholes and Giggs.