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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 3, 2007 00:58 Flag

    VILLA skinned Chavski....

    ....and about time too as they weak team cannot continue to rode their luck and be stealing 3 points from other hardworking team in the EPL.

    Next on the line is United.....

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    • and frankly
      2-1 against fulham home
      1-1 vs blackburn away
      1-0 vs man city home
      3-1 vs portsmouth home

      i don't call that amazing football..

    • that's exactly my point, we didn't say they were crap nor lucky, yes they played well but average..definitly not champions material,you're comparing teams after 5 matches..if you want stats wait till the end of the season to see that the table doesnt lie..it's not because united or chelsea are bad for one month that they're necessarily out of it or worse than arsenal this year..every bloody weekend its the same thing, if one team does well, oh they're out of the race, if another does great oh they're far superior..it just doesnt make sense..so get wet and excited all you want muppets at the end of the day with the high quality in teams such a mutd,cfc,lfc things will fall back in to place..and anyways we'll just have to wait until arsenal plays one of the big three to see the results ..

    • Yes, congratulations to the villans... However with United losing also and Francenel being lucky with their first few games.

      It comes down to the conclusion that Liverpool are the front runners at the bookies.

      Can Liverpools new signings and the rest of their team come to terms with the HARD labour and EXPERIENCE of winning the title?

      Although It's been an outstanding start to the pools season and their fans are obviously saying the title is theirs, "cough".
      I think that this is going to be one of the, if not the best title run in's ever in the history of our great league.

      BUT, I also think that the cream will finally rise to the top and UNITED's cat will be licking his lips at the end of it!
      Good luck to everyone, and can't wait for the United vs Pool game at OT!

      IT looks like It's going down to the top four's games with eachother. Bring it on!

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      • "Francenel being lucky with their first few games." WHAT planet are you from ? I believe you're from PLANET COO-CUCKO!!!!

        Arsenal are the best team in the country right now creativity-wise and not even Liverpool come close and that's a FACT, check the current opta statistics, the stats are there for you to read deeemacer.....a creative team have numerous chances to score and thanks AFC are doing that this season.......go and check the stats and stop deceiving yourself with the above comments

    • error above, should read; this weak team