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    Two words for you - Perspective & Patience

    Tevez is not a lone striker.

    Tevez missed his pre-season, isn't fully fit, and hasn't played with Rooney yet.

    Rooney is coming back.

    Ronaldo is coming back.

    Saah IS back, with a bang - and now he is feeling needed. Maybe the boo boys at OT will cut him some slack?

    Nani has been thrown in at the deep end, once the key players return to shoulder the attacking burden I think we will see something special here.

    Anderson needs time to gel.

    The young players that have been promoted, Eagles, Evans and Campbell need time.

    The team as a WHOLE needs to gel. We have seen the side batter City and Reading only to be frustrated. We have played poorly and come away with 6 points out of 6. Have some patience. Nani clearly carries even more of a goal threat than Giggs. We have another Rooney type in Tevez. Anderson is super talented. Rooney and Ronaldo get better everyday. Hargreaves looks a monster on the pitch, the whole Keane left looks to be filled. This is the same team that battered Roma 7-1 and deservedly won the title last season, only strengthened. Its young and will get better.

    Have some patience and have some faith.

    The premiership is the hardest league in the world right now, Villa and City have already shown how strong it is now. Expect a tough season - for everyone - just ask Jose! :)

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