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    Champions League Campaign

    United reached the semi-final last year but came undone aginst eventual winners AC Milan. How do you rate our chances this year? Our pattern in Europe has been great in attack but often caught out in defence by wily European opponents. What has worked for us defensively in EPL has sometimes been unravelled in Europe. This season our champagne attacking football has not got into gear yet, but I expect that to change going forward as the new signings blend with the team and key players come back from injury. But our defence is much improved and having a proven defensive-midfielder in Hargreaves may all contribute to us going one stage further this year?

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    • Let's get the ball rolling tonight! WHOO HOO!!

    • I think our chances are even better this year, although they were ptretty good last year. I felt we were undone by fatigue against Milan, still challenging for the league and FA Cup and Milan had nothing else to challenge for. In the end it made the difference. Also we relied on 13 players for most of the season without really utilising our squad as much due to inferior quality of players like Richardson. This season we have added 4 real talents to the squad who I think are going to play a major part in this season CL campaign.

      The defence has always been strong, its keeping them together. Last year if you remember we lost Vidic and Rio at the latter stages and they didn't really play together in important games like Milan. Once we get ourselves sorted upfront, which is only a matter of time I think we are going to be a real goal threat for anyone.

    • Chances are the same as always...what you need in the Champions League is consistency and a splash of luck. If you have a competent squad, you have all the chance in the world. What did it for us last season was fatigue (and Kaka). In terms of conquering the former, we certainly have by increasing our squad depth with game-changing players. (the latter seems to be impossible at the mo) You can never predict the winner until the 94th minute on a late May's evening, that is the beauty and ecxitement of the competition.

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      • For the group stage, we can go out of it and reach teh knock out. after that only luck will tell.

        We have a strong squad, as the italian and spanish has.

        English club must reach the knock out stage. Even if I see chelsea having difficulties to do so, not because of their quality, but I fear they are a little tired compare to last seasons.

        Pool and ASSenal should pass.

        But in the end, luck, and talent will make the difference. Have we got the luck? I know we have the talent.