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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 18, 2007 17:52 Flag

    Europe, Nationalism and The Scousers

    I'd love to know what is English about Liverpool and Francenal right now!?! Which player represents our country for Wengers bunch of foreigners?!

    Its just peoples opinions, in a way I can kind of understand them wanting to see English clubs do well, I used to when I was younger but the rivalry is so intense for some of us, and I honestly CANNOT understand a true manc wanting to see a scouser raise his grubby thieving hands to us with 6 fingers - remember robbie fowlers five fingered taunt?

    FUCK THEM! I LOVE how Francenal fans claim Wenger is the best in the league (they are saying that now) but he is INCAPABLE of winning the CL!

    Football is a COMPETITIVE sport, competition to be better than everyone else (especially our fierce rivals) and I ONLY want to see United win the champions league, otherwise I hope it goes somewhere out of the country like......like Kiev.

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    • FFS, by now you should have realised that winning a Cup competition is NOT a good yardstick to measure how good a manager is, the league is the most accurate means of assessing great managers and their overall coaching skills. FYI, Millwall reached their first ever FA Cup Final in May 2004 with the 50/50 chance of winning the FA Cup, does that mean Millwall were the second best club in the country in 2004? NO, if the draw favours your team, any team can win any cup competitions including the CL. Therefore, your reasoning failed at the first hurdle. Come up with another reason.

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      • Even if you were right, which you're not, that would mean Wengers 3 titles out of ten years compared to fergies 9 out of 20 places his him WAY behind Fergie in the pecking order!!! Lol!

        Fact is, whilst the league is the BEST yardstick of which to measure a manager, its not the ONLY one and the CL is another contributing factor. If a manager fails his entire career to conquer Europe and can only master the English league whereas another one can do BOTH then its fair to say the latter is by far superior in his talent as a manager.

      • How does your answer remotely relate to the original post?

        I've been berated many times for saying I don't want any English club other than United to do well in the CL. I was Barcelona's biggest fan that night.

        Is this wrong - don't think so.