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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 18, 2007 18:10 Flag

    Europe, Nationalism and The Scousers

    FFS, by now you should have realised that winning a Cup competition is NOT a good yardstick to measure how good a manager is, the league is the most accurate means of assessing great managers and their overall coaching skills. FYI, Millwall reached their first ever FA Cup Final in May 2004 with the 50/50 chance of winning the FA Cup, does that mean Millwall were the second best club in the country in 2004? NO, if the draw favours your team, any team can win any cup competitions including the CL. Therefore, your reasoning failed at the first hurdle. Come up with another reason.

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    • Even if you were right, which you're not, that would mean Wengers 3 titles out of ten years compared to fergies 9 out of 20 places his him WAY behind Fergie in the pecking order!!! Lol!

      Fact is, whilst the league is the BEST yardstick of which to measure a manager, its not the ONLY one and the CL is another contributing factor. If a manager fails his entire career to conquer Europe and can only master the English league whereas another one can do BOTH then its fair to say the latter is by far superior in his talent as a manager.

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      • The odds on Porto winning the 2004 CL was rated at 150/1 which the won in the final against Monaco, to put that odds into perspective Glasgow Rangers are currently rated at 150/1 odds to win the 2007/08 CL, while AC Milan, Real Madrid, Man U and Barcelona are all rated highly to have better chances of winning it in 2007/08 than Glasgow Ranger. BUT, don't be surprised if Glasgow Ranger at 150/1 odds prove the statistics and everyone wrong and win the CL in 2007/08, it is a cup competition and it can happen as Millwall proved that all it takes is luck of the draw and plenty plenty luck indeed. If your team is in it, your team can win it, with luck or by right (the best team). FACT.

        Who would have guessed that both Porto and Monaco would be contesting the 2004 CL final, very few or most likely none. Winning a cup competition is luck at times, an example a poor Liverpool side winning the 2005 CL final against the better side AC Milan therefore luck plays an important part in cup competitions.

        Remember these odds are based on a team previous performances in the CL and how strong a team is.

    • How does your answer remotely relate to the original post?

      I've been berated many times for saying I don't want any English club other than United to do well in the CL. I was Barcelona's biggest fan that night.

      Is this wrong - don't think so.