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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 18, 2007 17:46 Flag

    Europe, Nationalism and The Scousers

    Right Boys and Girls, Champions League is about to commence and would like to get some stuff off my chest.

    I HATE people that say "oh, but Liverpool/Chelsea/Arsenal are English and therefore you should support them". Like b*llocks I will! I really, honestly, TRULY dont give a flying Klinsmann about country in the champions League... Ill save my patriotism/pessimism for the international scene where dreams are made (then swiftly broken). Im sure none of the other english teams give a f*ck about us, so why should I reciprocate. IN FACT, just because they want it so much, (ie. Chelsea/Liverpool) i want them to fail spectacularly. Is this so wrong? Am I doing a disservice to this country?

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