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  • Given the choice between these two young strikers, which of the two would you prefer in your team? (Let's keep it real, thanks all).

    - Single-handedly ensured that a very small country Togo qualified for the last FIFA 2006 World Cup final in a very tough qualifying group by scoring 11 goals in the qualifiers, more than any other player in the African qualifiers and still an important player for club and country.

    - Has been in the shadow of Henry in previous seasons but has started showing his potentials as a great striker for club.

    - SAF has indicated in the past Ade is the type of striker that united lacked and would like to buy ADE if possible.

    - At 23 years of age ADE has the potentials to develop into a fearsome goal machine because most defenders cant handle him due to his abilities to beat defenders on one on one situations.

    - Scored 8 goals in 29 EPL matches last season, but has scored 3 goals in 3 league appearances so far this season.

    - Currently earns £28,000 per week after his wages was doubled in the close season from £14,000 per week.


    - Credited with ensuring that the Hammers stay afloat in the EPL last season and not relegated

    - Part of the Argentina's team that won the 2004 Summer Olympic Games gold medal.

    - Man United agreed to hire him from Kia Joorabchian for £10million two seasons hire deal following the summer shenanigan with the Hammers.

    - At 23 years of age TEVEZ has the potentials to develop into a tough striker to handle too because of the way he uses his raw strength against defenders but most importantly feed off another leading attacker in the team to shine.

    - Scored 7 goals in 26 EPL matches last season, but yet to score in 5 league appearances so far this season.

    - Currently earns £95,000 per week thanks to generous hire deal struck in the close season with Man United who have the options of buying the player permanently for £20million if his hire deal is successful.

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    • at the end of the day.. its not how good tevez or ade is,,its about scoring goals..look at sheva for chelsea.he is reguarded as one of the best players in the world..a goalscorer ,,but in 32 games at chelsea he,s only scored 5 or 6 goals..you can be the best player in the world..but if you cant get goals..whats the point. to sum up..who ever scores the most goals out of ade or tevez,,then there the best at what they do.. and a goals a goal,, weather it against derby in the prem or against brenford in a cup game..they all count at the end of the day.

    • Hello djmetallica, iam a WHU fan but i have been a Tevez fan since he was a teenager, i am not knocking Ade i know he is a good player but i just think you have to wait until the season is over to make a judgement, i think Ade is better then Torres though!!! lol

    • Bobby, you are obviously a manure man and that is why you are saying that Tevez is a better player than Ade. The stats say he is not im afraid.

      SAF would trade Tevez with Ade any day of the week and if you were honest you would admit he is the better player.

      When have you ever seen Tevez score a goal like Ade did against Spurs? For one, he aint tall enough and two he aint got the power.

    • Hello David, Boca beat Milan in the Toyota cup for world team title, and they actually won the title 3 times agaist the best of Europe in 1977, 2000 and 2003 when it was called the Intercontinental Cup so they can beat any team on a given day and i would say the same about most EPL team they could beat any team on a given day. Crespo is being used out of loyalty by Basile but that will end, it will be Messi and Tevez and even Aguero who will be a huge star this year with Atletico Madrid and he is only 19 years old! ( He won the golden boot for most goals in the U_20 world cup that Argentina won recently) take care

    • BobbyandDawn, How would Boca Jrs and Corinthians fare our against Everton, Reading, Blackburn Rovers, Spurs and other lower tiered teams in the EPL? Remember, those league aren't as tough as the EPL? In addition, all decent players they have in South American league are all in Europe plying their trade so let's put those mickey mouse trophies into perspective.

      Tevez is a decent player but largely overrated. Isn't Tevez part of the Argentina team that were hammered by Brazil 3 - 0 in a recent Copa America final, he looked average throughout that competition and is used as a squad player and subs to Hernan Crespo. I bet you he will struggle in the EPL and we shall soon witness his departure like many South America before him - Veron, Crespo, Forlan, etc, etc. Ade is a better player and more skillful than Tevez.

      Tevez shone at WHU last season because the Hammers were very average throughout last season hence their relegation battle at the foot of the table. Most of WHU players didn't perform in 2006/07 season which led to the exit of many of them - Harewood, Reo-Coker, etc. If you put any decent player in that lot he would shine just like Tevez did because they were very poor indeed.

    • Did you see the goal he scored against spurs? Goal of the season mate.

      Cech wouldnt of got near that.

    • Well I wouldnt really count the 3 that he scored against a poor Derby, and Tevez scored against the best keeper in the world!!

    • I think we know what SAF would do. He would swap Tevez for Ade in a heart beat. He needs a striker like Ade.

      I personally dont know why he bought Tevez. he already has a player exactly the same in Rooney. Ade would make a great addition to the united line up, even Rio said he was the most difficult opponent he faced last season.

      United fans are bound to say Tevez because he is their player but if they were to answer honestly then it would be Ade every day of the week.

    • Adebayor is not even close to being as good as Tevez, Tevez has won everywhere he has played with Boca Jrs, Corinthians, Olimpic gol medal , Copa Libertadores, Toyota Cup etc etc He is also a star in the Argentina national squad, even Maradona will be seated at Old Strafford to see the MU vs. Wigan game just to see him play, he is that good!!!!!

    • keep tevez and swap saha for adebayor.

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