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  • Man_United_Raj Man_United_Raj Sep 20, 2007 00:37 Flag

    Queiroz leaving - good or bad?

    Ronaldo, Nani and Anderson are professionals. They can handle it and it probably won't effect them at all. People thought the same thing about what effect Brian Kidd's departure would have on Giggs, Beckham, Scholes and the Nevilles since Kidd was instrumental in nurturing them from junior level to first teamers. But Kidd's departure had no negative effects on them. As professionals it's their job to just get on with working with the new guy.

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    • If it's true that Queiroz is leaving it is a major blow to man united and the news would hasten the exit of Ronaldo to Real Madrid in the summer. Queiroz was the main architect behind the door who convinced Ronaldo to stay after the 2006 world cup and without Queiroz in the club Ronaldo would feel he has no loyalty to united and can join his favourite childhood club Real Madrid instead of hanging around after Queiroz is gone.

      Another consequence of Queiroz leaving is the problem of finding an adequate replacement of SAF, further SAF has had enough of the manure job after so long and is currently deeply affected by the inabilities of the team to perform as he had hoped during the summer. Queiroz's departure would hasten SAF exit too because it is very difficult to find a quality number 2 man as Queiroz, managers like Juande Ramos are not ready to play second fiddle to SAF and would favour being the number 1 man at the helm.

    • Good point Raj. I think the situation might be a little different especially with Ronaldo - he is appearently very close with him. It would depend on who would come in to replace him.

      At the end of the day though I really don't see him leaving - he would have a chance at one of the best jobs in the world if he stays.