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  • DIMITRI K DIMITRI K Sep 27, 2007 01:36 Flag

    Man U/Arsenal Rivalry is back...

    Like the good ol' days eh? Now with Chelsea out of the picture, and Liverpool back to their inconsistent tying ways... we got a good ol' fashion Man U / Arsenal rivalry like it should always be! It's no Keane / Vieira clash, but it's still great....

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    • Dont count your chickens just yet as Chelsea are no where near finished as long as they have the russian at the helm. His money is the only thing keeping that club from turning into a complete wreck. Never have i known a club to be hated so much. The country has zero respect for Chelsea!!!!

      Liverpool are a good team and it looks like they have bought a great player in Torres. Rafa just needs to stop the tinkering.

      Arsenal are the best team in Europe right now, not just England and I am quietly confident that they will win the league if not this season then defo next.