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    Right, firstly, I am absolutely disgusted with the result. The "they were just kids" arguement frankly doesnt hold up against lower league oposition. There isnt a worthy reason. Apart from Brown (which has been nothing short of outstanding all season so far) they looked limp and lifeless, and as a result we got beaten by a hungry Coventry side. All credit to Dowie and his lads. They obviously wanted it more.

    That isnt to say that I'm writing off our youngsters...no way...they just got to learn one of the most valuable lessons in football. EVERY game counts. They got cocky and over-confident and Coventry kept their head.

    NEGATIVES: Cant win the League Cup and therefore complete the (practically impossible) Quadruple. Lower morale for youngsters. The ABU c u n t s spamming our board with drivel.

    POSITIVES: Life lesson for the kids. Free's up our mid-season schedule. Possibility of some of the kids proving themselves harder.

    50 -50 I'd say. Anyways, cant win them all...ah, b*ll*cks, this has ruined my day

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