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    Is SAF right to playdown L'pools title challenge

    Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has laid down the battle lines for the resumption of his rivalry with Arsenal. In the wake of the departure of Jose Mourinho, another of Ferguson's managerial foes, the Old Trafford boss has backed The Gunners to be major contenders for United's Premier League crown, according to SKY SPORTS.

    I find it interesting in the article that there's no mention of Liverpool as rival title contenders by SAF which makes post this thread to ask the question, are Liverpool in contention for the EPL title?

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    • I get the feeling SAF is trying to put pressure on arsenals young players. By talking about the title already, younger inexperianced players may be distracted and not focused on the next match. Just more fergie mind-games, long may they continue.........................

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      • paul, don't you think fergie should use all his mastery of mind-games to awake the experienced united team form their slumber first given the rubbish performance from the united team so far, you can't win the league depending on one player, ronaldo.

        Unlike united the young inexperienced arsenal are playing like matured seasoned professionals, and its only a matter of time before 1 - 0 to the united becomes 0 - 1 to the other team, just a matter of time.

    • SAF still believes Liverpool are in the frame. I think you get different interpretations of what he says depending on which team he's specifically answering the question about. Yesterday he said the following in relation to Chelsea: QUOTE"I don't think you can dismiss Chelsea. How could you with the players they have got?... You cannot exclude them from the top four. As I said at the start of the season, one of those four will win it." UNQUOTE "Those four" are Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man. Utd. SAF recognises Liverpool are in with a great chance, and I'm sure you'll here more of that whenever he's asked a direct question about Liverpool.

    • I believe both Fergie and Arsene are the only two with fixed views on both the EPL and CL titles.

      Fat Zorro (as some will know him) seems to be more interested in the CL. His tinkerman tactics seem to baffle folk at present, especially leaving out Torres in the EPL games.

      It's really too early to tell just how well or badly Chelsea will be affected by 'The Special One's' departure.

      Long live the rivalry between the two best EPL teams. AFC & MUFC