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  • John John Sep 29, 2007 21:50 Flag

    How many games has he got left in him?

    Ryan Giggs that is.

    He said that after each game, his body is taking longer and longer to recover. Although he sees no worries over renewing his contract he doesn't see that individual performances are being measured, but rather those of the team.

    I have always liked Giggs. Not least for his individual skill, but for his loyalty to the club that brought him to the top of his game. Now with Nani breathing down his neck for the first choice wingers position, how long will SAF keep him going if he can't rely on his fitness.

    Personally I can't see him lasting beyond this current season. At which stage Nani should be well versed with the EPL style, and should (for his value) be amongst the next generation of star EPL players.

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    • We can't expect Giggs to be as fast or as sharp as in heyday, but there's still lots of top-class life in him yet. That sublime cross from the outside of his foot for Tevez' goal last week - magic! I agree we will see him rested and subbed more and more - but when we need class and experience, Giggsy has it in spades.

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      • He's in his 17th season and is likely going to pass Sir Bobb'ys appearance record for United. Let's also not forget 9 PL title medals and a great chance to make it 10 this season.

        No one in the whole Premier league deserves more credit for the way he has conducted himself. His humility and modesty is a shining example for someone so gifted and talented. I took my whole family to his testemonial a few years ago, had to pay a fortune for the tickets, but worth every penny.

    • no reason why giggs and nani cant play in the same team. fergie already said that he doesnt see giggs as a winger any more. i would expect him to do at least another 2 seasons after this, even if he plays fewer games. would also be very dissapointed if he wasnt offered some kind of coaching role at the club afterwards.

      i agree that scholes was shocking yesterday, and i can see him going before giggs. he just isnt as versatile, and not the kind of player that you could see changing a game from the bench. reports are that fergie thinks anderson is at least a year off breaking into the first team though, which i think has been a suprise to everyone given his reputation. i didnt see the carling cup game but apparently he was woeful.

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      • Giggs is a god! He may not be as fast as he was! But he makes up for it in skill and his experience. He still contributes when he is needed. What about that cross the other week with the outside of the foot! He can still do it with class and distinction! Please god he will know when to retire gracefully! As for now come on giggs do your stuff!

    • I can see Nani and Giggs alternating for this and next season before Nani becomes a permanent fixture in the side with Giggs maybe playing the odd game to rest other players.

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      • Fergie should adopt the policy of relegating older players aged 30+ to the subs bench in favour of the younger ones by demoting both giggs and scholes to the sub bench and let the younger replacements for their position start playing soon.

        I believe doing this would give the younger players the pressure needed to perform knowing too well that giggs and scholes are on the bench as substitutes if they failed to perform. Without this type of added pressure on the youngsters they won't step up a gear imo.

    • I feel he can go on for another few seasons yet, whether that being as a regular team member or from the bench,

      Nani cannot replace Giggs, no player can do that. Nani and Ronaldo are in the similar mould and that is not what Giggs was about in his prime.

      If Giggs was not good enough and was not in Fergusons plan, he would not be wearing the shirt.

      From all players past and present. Giggs' retirement or moving from Old Traford will be one of the saddest days ever at Old Trafford as well as for myself.

      Who knows what would have happened if he opted to play for England instead of Wales?!?! We will never know.

    • I'm a huge Giggs fan and have been since he broke into the 1st team. he still has a lot to offer the team but I think more and more from the bench.

      He was poor today as was Scholes who is also showing signs of slowing down. Luckily, we have Nani coming through, Hargreaves is fit now and Carrick is finding form again so I'm not too worried.

    • Giggsy still got it in him most of the time. When he's good and ready he'll retire but for the most, he's been an inspiration to the team.

    • Its Giggs every time over Nani. He isnt good enough to fill Giggs boots yet.