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  • Dom Dom Oct 3, 2007 05:16 Flag

    Is it me or does every journalist have his tongue up Arsenal's a**e

    What is it about the hype generated by a team who have not actually proved themselves against a decent team this season? Is there another team that the press worship in quite the same way?
    Is it me or is it every time Arsenal win a game they get one stage closer to winning the premiership where as if they lose a game they are losing their grip as the South's top club.
    Could the press make up their mind cos if they think Arsenal are the top boys then could they take some more notice of the premiership table the last three years on the trot, and if they think Arsenal are the great team they think they are could they please explain their pathetic performance for three tears, i mean years. Oh and congratulations on the Amsterdam tournament we found it was a great stepping stone on to major trophies!

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    • I think you are being a bit naive there. The press were just as wax lyrical about us last season. The press are fickle and just follow the top team round. Although they do appear to go over board when it is a London club, especially when you consider that no-one from there has ever won a European cup!

    • Credit where its due, Arsenal are playing some very good football this season, but you are right they have won nothing yet, and the season is long.

      It appears to me the press etc will follow the London team that is doing best and that's all there is to it, when Chelsea were doing well, they were the best team around, if they won 1-0 every week they were superb, and their defence and style the best in the world. Now United are winning 1-0 every week, we are struggling, and its only a matter of time before we get caught out.

      I happen to agree with the second notion, but think this applies to both us and the Chelsea of old.

      Although I would take 1-0 wins all season I much prefer it when we play stylish attacking football like last season (What fan wouldn't).

      It is frustrating that United seem to have to a lot more to receive any plaudits, and would have to win trophies to get praise from the press, even then its still given in a way that implies the London teams are better i.e. United must have been good to have managed to overcome the mighty Chelsea.

      Do the press not realise there are an impressive 7 teams in the Premiership from the North West Alone, far more than there are from London, and several of them are right up there, United, City, Liverpool, Everton, Blackburn, all in the top 6 or 7.

      Its about time the media recognised the North, but then again its the same in all walks of life, the south, London in particular takes precedent over the rest of the country.

      Its wrong, but it seems to be the way it is, I suppose we just have to ignore it, get on with winning, and prove them all wrong at the end of the season AGAIN!!

    • it isn't you but the great value for money entertaining attractive football they play that is to blame - blame wenger for packing his team with too many flair players unfairly against the other teams and made football look easy as ABC.