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  • banana banana Oct 8, 2007 19:20 Flag

    Keano on 5Live after the Arsenal match

    Commentator : Would you say Arsenal are the best team in the league
    Keane : No, I think theres one team whos better
    Commentator : Who do you think that is ?
    Keane : Cant you guess ?
    Commentator : Man United ?
    Keane : Yes...

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    • He was hardly going to say "Yeah Arsenal are great this year and I think they will win everything"Is he, it's called disloyalty to the team he played for and a manager he loves.

      But he needs a reality check.

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      • LOL! If you really think that then you don't know what Keano's all about. He always says what he thinks regardless of who he rubs the wrong way. Whether it's his employers, manager, team-mates, countrymen, or whoever. Loyalty never comes into the equation as far as he's concerned. He praised the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal while he was still a Man Utd player. In 2005 when he was asked how Chelski have managed to win the title he simply stated "because they are a better team than us at the moment". That's the kind of person he is. So if he says Man Utd are better than Arsenal, he's saying it because he believes it, not because of any loyalty he owes to Utd.