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  • jezquigley jezquigley Oct 10, 2007 19:25 Flag

    world player of the year

    Ronaldo,Rooney, Tevez on the list.Also though Messi, Kaka, Ronaldinho. One of the latter will win it though. Probably nice and safe in Kaka. He did win European Cup I suppose. I think Ronaldo will run him close.

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    • The nominees should be on the list in terms of consistency of play during the previous season.

      For that Kaka, Messi and Ronaldo's inclusion is merited. But Rooney? Ronaldinho? Henry? And unfortunately Arsenal fans, as much as you protest, Fabregas' omission is correct.

      It tends to go to an attacking player, so the three will be the favourites.
      Kaka will win and Messi will most likely be runner up.

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      • Fabregas deserves to be in the mix but Messi is the best at present.

        Henry could have won it in previous years but not last season,he was injured most of the time (allegedly).

        Rooney does not deserve a mention as he has not done it on the international level.Does not matter if it's because of injury (although he was poor b4 that),the facts is that to be the best you need to do it for club and country.

        Kaka does warrant inclusion.

        Ronaldinhio is overrated on recent form (not as effective as he was)

        Totti is also not the player he was.

        Man U's Ronaldo does warrant inclusion but as i say Messi should win

    • I'd look at Kaka myself. His achievements with his club and country must make him favourite. And if we're honest, he was breathtaking against us in the ECL, even if our defensive injuries made it easier. With the talent we've got, he's still one of those players you have to say, 'Damn, I wish he played for us.'

      I do agree Ronaldo should be up there too. Achieving what he did in the context of what had happened at the World Cup is impressive, and he's been a key player for his country too.

    • Kaka would be a good choice but so would our Ronaldo too. He really did come back from being booed left right and centre to bring ManUtd to glory!!

    • Frankly, the FIFA list is an insult to the intelligence of any follower of football. There are people on that lest who would have problems getting in Wigan's side ( slight exageration). No Fabregas, Scholes etc ...just silly.