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  • John John Oct 16, 2007 17:08 Flag

    Any ManU fans care to argue with this stat?

    Fabregas's lead extends by another 39 votes.

    But to be fair, most of the Man U supporters are still in bed.

    Either in the US or Unemployed.

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    • Guess who wrote this ....

      "All I know is, that don't hide behind any barmy names like fergies_big_red_hooter, or Professuer Rooonaldo.

      I try not to make wild claims against other teams or players.

      I try to keep all discussions football related.

      I fight against my better judgement not to get drawn into personal slagging matches.

      I answer any football related question, and try to keep all posts light hearted.

      I will give positive posts on other sites, and try to respect other fans of all teams if their points are valid.

      I don't try to take any moral high ground. There is never any malicious intent, or arrogance about what I post.

      I am willing to put up my e-mail address, and a complete profile of who I am if it means this forum becomes a more respectful place to voice my opinion, and hear others. I am willing to be open an honest with anyone who is not a fool."

      Yes, our very own abused gooner ... John.

      ............ har har ..........