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    The Good and VERY BAD of Rooney

    Scored but conceded a DAFT goal, what was he doing pulling back the Russia in a critical area?

    As always his lack of judgement cost England DEARLY, what would have been a hard fought win turned into disaster thanks to Rooney.

    What an idiot Rooney is......

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    • and by the way bert, if that was given against any other player everyone would be slating the ref. but its rooney, a manchester united player. i rest my case.

    • Everyone is being very harsh on Rooney.

      The penalty should not have been a penalty, as it was outside the box. People question what what he doing?

      He was doing what he usually does, defend for the team, an attribute that is limited among strikers these days.

      The second goal was Robinson's fault, but as Rooney plays for Man U. Only his fault, which was rather unlucky, is highlighted.

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      • As I said in another thread what was Rooney suppose to do, let the player run in to the penalty area unopposed? Now if he had done that and Russia had scored then it would have been his fault. The fact is Rooney did nothing wrong, it wasn`t a penalty and probably wasn`t even a foul. The ref gave in to pressure from the crowd and wrongly awarded a penalty and the Rooney haters try and use it as a stick to beat him with. Which just shows how petty minded they are.

    • If one player can win a game, then by the same logic one player can lose a game

      Rooney, that petulant and spoilt child who can't control his temper COST US THE GAME!

      Doesn't take a genius to work it out either..... you can check any other yahoo football board and you'll find all supporters are united on this one.

    • It's a team game FFS!!

      But Bert if you absolutely MUST go pointing fingers regarding that incident, then you have to ask where exactly was Lescott when Rooney was trying to stop their player getting in the area??

      Blaming any 1 player for the loss is stupid... The whole team panicking in a crucial period and a particular wrong decision by the ref cost us.

      Credit Hiddink too, because the game visibly and immediately turned when he made that substitution.

    • dsteer.. You are one of the few people who post objective, well thought out responses...
      Going back to the world cup, this team had been nothing but a mistake filled, uninspired disaster....
      I know an England team should be able to do better.
      We do have some quality players...I hope this faliure will finally get us on track....

    • Look, stop rubbing it in. Rooney is only a kid, so what he got momentarily confused and forgot which end the Ruskie goal lay. It could happen to anyone.

    • How refreshing to see some sense on this board.

      Agree entirely with your post. Rooney f*cked up in bustling into a player near the box. However to blame any one player for a 2-1 defeat just shows how little they know about football.

      At the end of the day, we shouldnt have to be worrying whether we can beat Russia away (probably the hardest game of an easy group) to qualify. It should have been sown up months ago.

      Mclaren out, he's the main culprit!

    • "So and so should have do this, or he should have done that". You could second guess every touch of the ball if you want, but it would get you no-where. If Gerrard had burried it, it would have covered up other mistakes. If mistakes wern't made, then Gerrard's miss would not have mattered. Same is true if Rooney had taken all the chances he had. It all adds up the same way. The team lost. They are supposed to work together. They share credit for victory, they need to share blame for defeat. No "i" in team remember!