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  • Rafatorma83 Rafatorma83 Oct 18, 2007 03:04 Flag

    To all Rooney haters

    Jealous of him you are, we all know that, but still, would like to ask u this question.... coz instead of crying like idiots, you would do well to SUGGEST who should be played instead of him!! Be part of the solution.... so here's a list of your "WORLD CLASS" strikers...

    1. Torres
    2. Drogba
    3. Berbatov
    4. Van Persie
    5. Adebayor
    6. Shevchenko

    Very English indeed, you make your choice!!!!

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    • i'm a Sheffield United supporter who, with hand on my heart can say that Man. Utd are the best team i've ever seen play at Bramall Lane. To most that may not come as a big surprise, but i mean in terms of how they play. During our one season in last years Prem i witnessed defeats to Chelsea and Manchester United. The Chelsea game was shite coz as soon as they went 2 up they shut up shop and defended like the result was ever in any doubt!!!!!!!! But Man. Utd, when they came they beat us 2-1 and i tell you for a fact. I admire everything about that football club, your supporters are amazing(true northern grit), you beat us with a sound display and at the end of the game i was happy to stand in Kop and applaud both Blades and Man U's passion for a crackin game. Rooney, Ronaldo and co. have our backin everytime. Proper football club. Northern PRIDE.

    • Not a Rooney hater, so lets get that straight. But any professional player who does not perform at the critical time should get used to critism. This is not the under 7s playing!

      Rooney is a rare talent, which I doubt many could argue with. But his age, or lack of maturity shows at critical times. Great Goal, but means nothing when you also pull down players especially in a critical area of the pitch. You can argue it was in or out of the box, but does not matter. Giving away a free kick in a scoring position is a major mistake, so he should be critised. Same thing for retaliating in the World cup.

      But, he's not the only one to blame. Piss poor defending and goalkeeping were a major factor. Trying to defend a 1 goal lead was also a mistake, so blame the manager for that. And, to show I'm trying to be inpartial, we should have finished the game with the chances we had, so put down Gerrard, along with others on the list of players who did not mee the standard required.

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      • Where is Gerrard when Rooney commit the foul?

        Did Rooney become defensive midfield suddenly?

        Blame the one who covers someone else's ass is the biggest problem of media and fans.

      • Good honest assesment.....
        Given some of our past poor performances, we really should never have been in this position in the first place.....This really should have been a meaningless game........We really don't deserve to be part of euro 08....

      • Err what`s a player suppose to do when he sees an opposition player trying to get in to the penalty box - stand aside and let him in? To blame Rooney for the ref`s decision to award a penalty for attempting to win the ball (tv replays indicate that Rooney didn`t even touch the player) shows just how anti-Rooney some people are. In case you have forgotten it was Rooney who scored England`s goal, Gerrard who failed to score and Robinson who made a huge goalkeeping error, and given that a draw would have kept England`s fate in their own hands that was the biggest mistake of all. As to the original question, last season Rooney scored more premiership goals than any other English player so by any criteria you use that says he should be part of the England team - and that doesn`t even take in to account all the rest of the good things he does on the pitch.

      • Your post looks like a deja vu.. but still, let me remind u, that Rooney is not the only player who pulls down an oposition player in a match. It's his bad luck if a penalty was awarded when he committed a foul on the edge of the box, and not when Gerrard, for example, committed one. Having said that, I would also like to remind you that the purpose of this thread was mainly to see what the so-called pundits of this board have to suggest as a Rooney replacement, if the guy is so bad.... waiting... coz it's so easy to find faults, suggest some names and we see. Nice to see that u admit the lad has some talent at least.