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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 23, 2007 05:01 Flag

    Nott Forest won European cups than United

    eric, you're confusing yourself. United have won the European Cup ONLY once in their history. Example: Liverpool have won the league 18 times in their history but have NEVER won the EPL in its present form. See the difference now Cantona - I know it's possibly the language difference French vs English (lost in translation problem hey!). Never mind eric I understand too.

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    • Ha ha Damp, if you weren't such a tw*t you might be quite likeable!

      You almost made a technically correct point. However, we HAVE won the European cup twice, but the Champions league once. So you completely fu*ked that point up.

      Would have thought you would have spotted that Sailor you bell end!

      Anyway Damp, remind us, how many times have Arsenal won any of the above mentioned?

    • I think an American lecturing me on English usage is a bit rich.

      If you care to read the title of the original post it mentions 'European cups', which means cups of a European nature and so different to 'European Cups' which refers to the old European Cup competition.