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    Nott Forest won European cups than United


    Nottingham Forest FC (impressive European Cups pedigree in the modern era): better than manure.

    1979 European Cup winner
    1980 European Cup winner

    1980 European Super Cup winners

    "Big club" my arse.........................pmsl.

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    • has anyone seen the forest ground its just about big enough to hold altrincham they've been out of real football so long they have trouble finding their way to the m1 never mind a decent ground. all that ho ha about cloughie (damn right they did well but in a top league that still thought it was wonderful not to score a goal) he mearured similar to SAF when he was at aberdeen and still had much to learn before succeeding at old trafford. forest are not a big club on several fronts ...maintaining position within football having a decent heritage and a few short seasons a summer does not make
      a decent fan base ..you have trouble finding forest fans evenb in the east midlands where so many sad teams reside leicester derby forest county coventry. if they aren't in the top flight their grounds are half empty and to add to that they're not big enough grounds to swing a cat in . Anyway stop trying to compare forest with united its a one horse race and forest have pulled up. newcastle for all their failures are a bigger club than forest at least you can find geordie fans who don't mumble who they support when asked

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      • And where are nottingham forrest now? Its all well and good having a great history but great clubs, as opposed to great teams, have continued success that lasts for decades and not just one brief glorious period. Which is why teams like utd, liverpool and arsenal (despite not winning the CL) are great clubs cause they can trace their success through the decades.

    • I'm having trouble understanding the original post by this dimwit. United has won the European Cup twice, and the Super Cup, and the European Cup Winners Cup and the World Intercontinental Cup (what ever its name is) - so what's your point?

    • we have lots of trophies in our cabinet. still hope you will both be happy together pmsl

    • this is the same guy who posted a message when we were one down to villa and then hid for two days. and we have a cl game and guess whos back with the ridicule. will he be on here come 10 o clock tomorrow. i doubt it. willhide again until the next time. must be hard trying to knock a team who just keep winning eh bert you sad sad man.

    • Damp, you're an Arsenal fan. You've never won the european cup so why are you raising this debate?

      And if you are English, then I am utterly ashamed. Your spelling, grammar etc is absolutely appalling!

      Anyway, Forest HAVEN'T won more European cups than Utd. They have only won more than Arsenal.

      I wont hold this against you though Damp, this is exactly the kind of knowledge I have come to expect from you.

    • Fantastic, I've certainly earned it, and I can still ridicule you and your crap.


    • What a desperate foreigner you are bert, claiming United have won only once, when you know it was twice, and then posting your lies here.

      No wonder the British act superior when it comes to people like you, you are the epitome of the term Foreign Twat.