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  • Martin B Martin B Oct 29, 2007 23:45 Flag

    Arsenals 'young team'

    Here are the possible teams for saturday

    Sagna(24) Toure(26) Galas(30) Clichy(22)
    Hleb(26) Fabregas(20) Flamini(23) Rosicky(27)
    Adebayor(23) RVP(24)

    Brown(28) Vidic(26) Rio(28) Evra (26)
    Ronaldo(22) Hargreaves(26) Anderson(19) Nani(21)
    Rooney(22) tevez(23)

    Arsenal average age 24.5
    United average age 24.1

    I realise that Galas and RVP are probably out but take this to be Arsenals strongest side.
    Why do the media continually bang on about Arsenals young team ? There's nothing to choose between the teams on that front.

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    • cant agree with the basis thing either, every summer the tabloids try to rip our club to shreads.
      look at this year for example, Wener is leaving,Cesc is leaving, TH is leaving (ok they got that one right lol) we are signing this player that player, we are skint cant buy anyone etc could go on all night. Man U never seem to get that sort of press.

    • I think the London media bias is a load of crap Jim. The reason United don't get very favourable press compared to other teams like Arsenal and Chelsea etc is purely down to Fergie's attitude and blatant dislike for the media which is so obvious during interviews. Personally I think the old man has mellowed but there is that general feeling that he looks down on the press and always lends an air of stand-offishness and rudeness which isn't going to make him too many friends hence the fact your team isn't talked up too much.

      Compare that with Wenger's respectful relationship and Mourinho when he was Chelsea boss turning the conferences into a comedy show and there you have the true reason. The 'London media bias' was a Fergie creation designed to bolster the 'Anyone But United' feeling within Old Trafford.

    • Slight mis-understanding on my part, as your last post read 'most of Arsenals first choice team' So I didn't recognise that you meant just last weeks game.

      I will concede that London press can be biased, just as the Northern papers can be. Most decent people however recognise that the tabloids are just plain stupid as they counter their own points on a week to week basis.

    • Some good points being made all round in this thread. Martin B is illustrating the extent of youngsters in the United squad - the facts are the Arsenal youngsters (who are acknowledged as such in the press) and the United youngsters (who are not acknowledged in the same way) are all some of the most exciting talents you could wish to see. I understand John T's point about the current United team being mainly bought, but Fergie cannot be faulted for his record in bringing on home-grown talent ever since the "you can't win anything with kids" team. United have to pay a premium when buying players, but those purchases include undeveloped talents such as Nani and Anderson, both looking like inspired purchases on the evidence so far. Wenger has never had the same scale of success in terms of home-grown talent, but no-one can fault him and the Arsenal scouting system for his great track record in buying previously unrecognised young players and turning them into stars. I, for one, cannot wait for Saturday.

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      • I think the point is slightly being missed here.

        The media refer to Arsenal's younger players as kids to reinforce the image they have created of "inexperience".

        It's a back handed compliment to United because you cannot consider the likes of Rooney or Ronaldo to be inexperienced when both have proven themselves at the highest level.

        Fabregas has yet to set the world alight at international level (though he HAS shone briefly in a World Cup).

        The same media will destroy these players when they see fit and leave this image up there as a means to go either way.

        This idea the London based media is biased towards Arsenal is laughable when you cosnider the way they have got on our back about disciplne, one man team (Henry), trying to cause trouble with Viera, Fabregas, Henry, etc.

        Its simply a play on words for their own purposes. As an Arsenal fan I focus on the inexperience rather than age and that will be most telling in the final months and the red hot pressure of a title run in.

        Something most of your guys have already been through (new acquisitions excused).

    • lol I like how you leave out the keepers - it's likely that Arsenal will start with Almunia and United with Van der Sar - that might alter your calculations slightly. Is Giggs back soon too? PS Van Persie is out so Arsenal might play Walcott or Diaby etc. instead. Both sides do posess an impressive amount of youth though! Exciting stuff for the future and strength to the Premier League!

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      • Let's Talk . . . . I started the thread with the words "possible starting teams for saturday". I hav'nt masaged or manipulated anything. As it happens Scholes is now definately out and possibly Rio(Pique 20) too. Giggs may start but then again perhaps SAF will bring him on later after Nani has run you ragged for a while. United's average age could end up even lower. You Arsenal boys have all missed the point.

    • Syco, I'm glad essex pointed out how Scholesy and Giggs were written off the manure team as crap players just for Martin (thread poster) to massage his own hype, nice try.

      Without a doubt both Scholesy and Giggs are guarantee starting berth for Saturday's match if both players are 100% fit.

      I look at threads upon threads on this forum and all I see is people hard selling their own opinion as FACTS, whereas it isn't facts but massaged half-truth. We are all guilty of these ungentlemanly tactics and it's the classic "my dick is bigger than yours" syndrome that is pervading all the boards.

    • My personal opinion on this subject, and it is a very good point, is the difference in which this 'young talent' was acquired. When you look at the youth in the United team you are talking about hundreds of millions of pounds that they have forked out. United have paid huge sums of money for players with big reputations, an argument could be that a lot of top managers managing a club as big as United could make the same signings. On the other hand the majority of the Arsenal side were relatively unknown young talent that have gone onto be world class footballers. Who had heard of Toure, Cesc, Hleb, Flamini, Clichy before they were signed by the boss and look at the way they were nurtured and brought into the team at just the right time.To even it out though we did buy Walcott and I feel we were slightly pressured into that signing for not having English talent in the side, he is now however starting to show the talent that he has.