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    The Ref + Anderson's Antics

    A good game today but not the classic it was billed to be mainly because the ref was way out of his depth. The amount of times he stopped play instead of letting the game flow was the reason it was in the main bitty. His display was the worst I've seen in an Arsenal v United game since Mike Riley's performance at OT a couple of years ago. Maybe he knew a billion people would be watching and thought he'd leave his mark.

    Anyway it was played in a good spirit but I have to say I thought Anderson's petulance was disgusting. First he waved imaginary cards at the ref in the hope of getting Flamini booked then he get's challenged and rolled around as if shot. Fergie has to come down on that, it was disgraceful.

    A fair result which only really benefitted Chelsea. Looks like a three horse race now.

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    • Fair comment Chris, as it looked like the rest of the game was played in the right spirit. I think Fergie will take Anderson aside and it may take a while, but his sportsmanship should improve as Ronaldo's has.

      I don't think the match proved either team is better - Manu set out to contain and counter-attack, and did that quite well. They defended very well keeping Arsenal's chances to a minimum. At Old Trafford Manu will be more attack minded which should benefit Arsenal just as much if we can strengthen defensively. That should be a more open game since Arsenal will probably play open rather than try to stifle. If the two teams are still within 3 points of each other next April it'll be a cracker!

    • Anderson showed petulance throughout the match and his waving of the card was wrong. I think he's trying too hard to impress at times. I'm sure SAF will have a word about that.

      Febregas on the other hand is a constant menace, trying to niggle players/ref and play acting at any opportunity. He comes across as being too arrogant alot of the time. I'm sure Wenger will do f**k all about that.

    • Its a good post Chris but Im afraid to say its very hard for me to listen to a Francenal fan come here and criticize one of our players when he supports probably the worst behaved team I have ever seen! Hows Eboue's diving and card waving these days, no we don't talk about that do we?!

      Completely agree though, the ref Webb has always got under my skin, and fergie is right he could be very good, but why do they do that, why do they try and make an impression? I always say a good ref is one you dont speak about after the game, except to maybe say he was good! Thats why I hated Poll, always chatting to the players and all that sh*t. Complete tosser, I dont care how good he was, just let them play football and keep out of it.

      Anderson as simply brilliant yesterday, played Cesc off the park and has all the potential to be better than fabregas and Ronaldo combined, he IS that good for me. Just my opinion. But I dont think it needs to be said what he did was out of order, but as you know VERY WELL Chris, thats foreigners for you. Thats not me being xenophobic or racist, b*llocks to that, thats just how it is, its normal for them, its expected, and we dont like it so they have to change. Give him a f*ckin chance. Englands second best player, the hypocritical scouse bastard captain still does it, can't really complain about a Brazilian who hasn't even played 10 times for us and only just moved from Portugal, where they love a good sniper session!

      Good result for you, Im gutted as we are a much better side than francenal. Im convinced of that now.

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      • Chris, I don't usually disagree with you, but I think you've listened too much to what other people are saying here. Anderson was pushed, pulled and shoved all over the park, every time Flamini got near him he fouled him. Arsenal looked like they had a plan to upset him. His only transgression was asking the ref what Arsenal had to do to get booked.

        Anderson had a brilliant game, he was everywhere, he'll be hailed as our best player by the end of the season .... my prediction.

      • I admit Chris that despite Anderson's behaviour he does look a decent player and as it's his first season in England he should maybe be given the benefit of the doubt. I can't stand cheating though and yes unfortunately Arsenal have had their fair share of them over the years. In fact yesterday Eboue went down a bit too easily even though he was fouled so we ain't perfect either!

        I completely disagree with Fergie's comments of the ref's decisions favouring Arsenal. He was stopping the game for nothing fouls against BOTH teams and generally ruined the spectacle it could have been. Also I think him drawing attention to fans abuse and the lack of security at Emirates is frankly laughable. The fans sit right behind the managers at OT and I've seen Wenger abused loads of times. Personally I thought he was made of stronger stuff than that.

        I will concede you're the better side currently and any sane Arsenal fan would agree. I did think United paid Arsenal the ultimate respect by defending like mad and hitting us on the break especially in the first half. We couldn't get our passing game going which owed a lot to United's defending. If Van Persie had been fit and started with Adebayor I believe we'd have given you a lot more problems. One of the qualities of this Arsenal side is they don't know when they're beaten and have saved or won a lot of games with late goals this season. Definitely bodes well for the future.

    • Agree completely Chris. There were several occasions when the ref could have played a great advantage but blew up. I'd understand if he was booking a player but 9 times out of ten he didnt! I think he tried too hard to control the game and ended up stifling it.

      Also, have to agree with your comments about Anderson. Thought he had a very good game and didnt give Fabregas the space he craves, but let himself down with that pathetic rolling around. As other posters have said, he comes from a league where it is expected so its inevitable he will have it in him. Fergie will stamp it out of his game as he has done with Ronnie.
      Fabregas's reaction to it made me chuckle though (the face pulling).

      Nice to get a proper post on here other than the rubbish that bert idiot and damp squib are posting.

      Incidentally (to Man Utd fans) I thought Evra had a shocker today. Looked very rusty and probably at fault for Arsenals 1st.

    • Anderson is a fantastic player, even Arsenal fans know that, but his play acting and card waving must be nipped in the bud. We don't want manu to be tarred with the same brush as lesser teams whose players do this kind of thing every week! I hope fergy deos reprimand him privately if not publicly.

    • Yes Anderson's antics were uncalled for, but fortunately did not influence the game. He is a fine young player and he doesn't need to spoil his game like that. SAF and United's culture of integrity will steer him away from this behaviour, as has happened with Ronaldo. It is regarded as normal behaviour in the Portuguese league, whereas the EPL has never condoned it. Although some clubs did start to practice diving in training, such as the Arsenal team that got the 50-games 'unbeaten' record - remember Pires' swan dive in the penalty area without an opposing player near him that kept the 'record' alive at Portsmouth? While some individuals have erred, it has never been the United way. Hence the chorus of disapproval rightly commented upon in this thread.

    • I agree with you about Anderson. It's worse to see one of your own players play-acting like that because it reflects so badly on our club. To be fair to him (perhaps generous is the correct word), he's been untill recently playing his football in an environment where this behaviour is not seen in the negative light it is in this country. The Portugese league (as in others in Europe) is renouned for it's terrible sportsmanship - all players dive and "simulate" and no-one thinks twice about it.

      It is quite right that that kind of behaviour ir frowned upon in this country and should be stamped out for good. Ronaldo was the same when he came here, as was Drogba, but they've managed to keep that element out of their game in the past year or so.

      Someone needs to take Anderson (and Nani who's prone to the rolling around on the floor theatrics too) aside and tell him that he's going to develop an unfavourable reputation if he keeps it up for much longer.

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      • One thing that fascinated me in a conversation with a Peruvian football fan was that South Americans (and apparently Portugese too - maybe it's the colonial link?) don't see it bad sportsmanship or even cheating. They see it as a genuine part of the game, gaining an edge by using your cunning. The closest comparison I can think of in English sport is where it seems to be accepted in cricket for the wicket keeper to abuse the batsman in attempt to distract him. That's the reason why Maradonna was genuinely mystified that England are still hung up on THAT goal.

        Not to defend diving, I am glad that Ronaldo has cut it out, but finding out some of the background to it was interesting.

      • Tim. it's good talking the talk but will fergie walk the walk by coming down on the cheat like a ton of bricks, fining the cheat where it hurts - 2 weeks wages to donate to some charitable organisations in moss side or salford or some sort of compulsory community work to send a clear message that we done condone cheats in our midst.

    • Bollox !!!

      The ref had a great game and had nothing to do with teams' failure to live up to the hype. Any true fan must realisethe match couldn't match the media hype.