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  • Not been able to keep up with the board lately, but it doesn't look like anyone's mentioned how good it is to have Evra back in the side again. He played out of his skin against Arsenal, and reminded us how much he adds to both our defence and attack.

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    • He is by far one of my favourite players on the team. He's awesome in attacking and absolutely brilliant in defending. I do hope that United will sign him to a long term deal and along with Vidic and Rio cements the defense core like Irwin, Brucie and later with May and the Nevilles.

    • Evra is fantastic. He's not as good a defender as Heinze, but Fergie signed him to attack (Evras own words). I haven't seen a defender as quick as him (was Cliche playing saturday?!), he has great technique and loves to get forward, probably because he used to be a striker, but his involvement in Uniteds attacks down the left on saturday were brilliant, and ended up seeing him contribute an assist in a beautifully worked goal.

      They say he is regarded this season by the fans as our best player, I think there will be a few people vying for that title come the end of the season but he'll deserve a mention.

    • I'm a big fan of Evra wise son, but have to disagree about Saturdays performance - I thought he was god awful! Looked like he had been rushed back.

      To blame for one goal, almost scored an OG, bad positioning, beaten too easily, passing wasnt brilliant. His run for the 2nd goal was the only good thing he did.

      However, am glad he is fit and will be back in the team, because I think he is awesome!

    • Yes, he has been consistently playing well last season and this season so far as well.

      After his debut against City and a few more poor performances after that, I questioned Fergie's reasons for buying Evra.

      He is the first attacking Left back that United have had for awhile. Very comfortable on the ball, and offers an attacking threat as well.