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    SAF Grade A++ hypocrite

    So Wenger is getting to SAF and he is lashing out. The Ref, ground security and now foreign players - aimed a bit at Arsenal.
    Well, he should look closer to home. His summer signings - a Brazilian, a Portuguese (Capo de Verde of wherever) type, a Canadian who learned his trade in Germany and worst of all, Tevez a player owned by a third party, not supposedly legal under English FA terms. Yes ok yourselves and Liverpool and for that matter another big London club have found a loophole with players that West Ham did not, fair enough maybe that is the way of the world. But before your manager gets on his high horse about foreign players, he should consider his clubs actions.Players owned by third parties are frowned upon by the FA for a good reason - the South American or whoever clubs that develop them gain very little, the rewards go to the likes of Kia and his alleged backers (we all know who they are). This will eventually lead to the cessation of the South American production line going on now if there is little in it fo those clubs.
    You got away with getting Tevez because the Fa, EUFA and FIFA have no balls in dealing with clubs of your stature but that does not make a wrong right.
    I admire your team, the way they play but your manager is a hypocrite, he works loopholes but criticises other teams for far less. Yes, you have signed English players but at vastly inflated fees that few others could afford - who else would pay 18 for Carrick. Fergie has over the years partly used your stature and wealth to buy success. His son may also have benefitted at times allegedly?
    You lost out on 3 points against an Arsenal team having a bad day, think this may have got to your manager. He is still the guy that refuses to speak to most of the media, uses the back pages to pressurise refs, sends players out to cheat and has a lot of foreign players in his team
    Fergie is massively tainted, he should keep his mouth shut on other clubs transfer policies .

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    • I disagree with almost all of this email but actually want to say the poster has put his views across very well. I actually have a degree of respect for people who can construct a well written argument without resorting to insults and ridiculuous comments. Just compare this post to the likes of Bbraftu who just resorts to calling him profanities, highlighting his complete lack of footballing knowledge!

      Disagree on the line that he sends players out to cheat? When has he ever done that? Just because a player dives on the pitch (which Anderson did, I'm not going to defend him) doesnt mean Fergie sent them to cheat!

      Agree with you on the 3rd party ownership though, as much as I am glad we have got Tevez, I dont like the manner in which we have got him.

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      • The entire "Third Party" ownership issue is sadly a necessity for South American players.

        The Teams aside from the Vasco de Gamas, The River Plates and the Boca Juniors of that region have so little money that they cannot afford to have developments like youth squad setups etc and although the principals of the Kia Joorabchians of this world are founded in what amount to exploitation, without them players like Tevez, Mascherano etc just wouldn't make it.

        These "entrepreneurs" take a gamble in paying for these players in the hope of gains further down the line from transfer fees, commercial rights etc.

        Its a shame that they are necessary but people buy shares and stocks in the hope fo gains later so its just another commodity.

        To harp back to what was wrong with the Tevez saga when we wanted him from West Ham is that they demanded the lions share of any transfer fee having already benefited to the tune of almost 50 Million by him virtually single-handedly keeping them in the EPL when they paid nothing for him in the first place !

        SAF is no hypocrite in the context of what BB is babbling on about. He (SAF) has his central core of british players, regardless of your arguments about Hargreaves nationality. Yes he bought three foreigners if you include Tevez who is effectively on a loan deal. He is adding to this central british core with the three foreigners and for someone from small club to try and allege hypocrisy, how does playing in the ENGLISH premier league with no ENGLISH starters in your first XI sit ??

        Set your own house in order before banging on about us.

        Arsey Whingers argument based on "Quality" just doesn't stand up for a team that dumped David Bentley in Favour of Emannuel Eboue.

      • Firstly, Anderson's antics on Saturday arent the stuff of United legends. We had a tall dutch guy, pretty good in the box, a few years ago. He had been guilty of "simulation" in some of his early matches, I understand it was pointed out, by the likes of Phelan and of course The Boss, that "we dont do that kind of thing at this club" (Ferguson even made an oblique reference to it in a post match interview, which is rare indeed) . I expect Anderson to clean his act up. Ronaldo gets no credit for adapting to our standards. Players like Pires, and it has to be said Henry, never got any better. Wenger cares nothing for Englishness.

        I guess the original post was better than the profanasourus stuff, but not by much. he has certainly betrayed who is more rattled, and it's barely November. The Johnny foreigner debate is, rightly, something that gets discussed every year. Why are Arsenal so touchy about it ?. Walcot will continue to stagnate until he hits his mid 20s, then end up playing for Newcastle.

    • How a guy who supports arsenal, a team that once included such first class divers as Pires, can accuse SAF of sending out a team to cheat is beyond me. The fact is whether a player cheats or not tends to be a reflection on the player and the type of football culture he`s been brought up in - which generally means abroad. A good manager will let the player know that such behaviour isn`t acceptable in the way that SAF has with Ronaldo.

    • The man is a buffoon and a lousy old git.