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  • It has been revealed that UNITED were the first ENGLISH club to sing YNWA, 5 years before the RS STOLE it off us, as we sang it as a tribute to the busby babes lost in Munich.

    I dont think I could bring myself to sing it even in my head without some sort of profanities included, but I sure do love the idea of winding up those scouse b*stards in what would be a truly monumental wind up!

    Knowing they are singing OUR song is good enough for me.... ;)

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    • I think YMCA was yours too. Man United does sound a bit gay.

    • I was going to say no one is claiming it as ours, and we would hardly want it back now, but I guess the subject line contradicts that, but he's an arsenal fan according to his id.
      But the point is, and it was news to me, that it was first sung by United fans in the aftermath of Munich. How it ended up in Glasgow is still unclear, or what inspired Gerry Marsden to cover it. Liverpool fans like to say "it was first sung at Anfield, Gerry and the pacemakers, etc". Wrong, it was United fans that first spotted it as a good terrace number. I'm not even convinced now that it was made proper famous on the back of the single, or the other way about in some way (i.e Marsden heard it at a match and thought "I can sing that"). We still need to date it's use by Celtic to see if you've thieved it off them also.
      it is an iconic song, and in years gone by an England anthem. I've sung it myself at wembley in the 70s though I dont think I could bring myself to do that now. Actually, I think it was sung in the 1990 semi final with Germany along with the most awesome rendition of "Sing when you're winning" I've ever heard.
      So arguing the toss about it's origin is no more futile than most of what goes on here.

    • I agree d6, and actually think there are many Mancs out there that would agree. If the Man U fan base really wanted to try and claim the song, let them do it in the stands at OT. Since that is never going to happen, not alot of point trying to find bragging rights on a message board.

    • Lester, believe your right. Shankly introduced the all Red kit. Liverpool went to Red Shirt with white shorts late in the 1890s. I believe Man U went Red in early 1900s when you changed your name to Man Utd.

      So we got something before you, but like the bragging about YNWA to me its a bit silly. Sure we'd both rather bragging rights come 12/16 and or May next year.

    • I wouldn't bother d6, most manure fans are c-nts anyway.

    • To all Utd fans and posers:

      Hey guys, this song does mean alot to Pool fans. Like the word Anfield is associated with Liverpool, likewise this song too.

      So, i would appreciate it if a non-liverpool fan respect that. My humble request. I don't think its a respectable thing to say, i support Manchester United, the biggest club in the world, and then say and do something very disrespectful.

    • It has been revealed by some old dear in the manchester evening news that it was sung by her and her friends once at a game. Big woo hoo. The song belongs to liverpool and celtic.
      By the way this thread seems to have been started by Arsenal Fan and yet it is written as a united fan. I think someone forgot to change their ID back once they returned to the manc board.

    • I'm forever blowing bubbles,
      Pretty bubbles in the air,
      They fly so high,
      Nearly reach the sky,
      Then like my dreams,
      They fade and die.
      Fortune's always hiding,
      I've looked everywhere,
      I'm forever blowing bubbles,
      Pretty bubbles in the air.

      Far better than YNWA - don't know what the fuss is about.

    • No, Shankly sent them out in all red for the first time., but they had been wearing red most of the century.

    • is that true ? there's plenty of you in here, what were you playing in before Shankly ? First their anthem, now their shirts, stereotypical or what ?.

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