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    if you can ask england questions try this one for size

    given the likelyhood Alex macLeish will be moving on from his scotland job given his success and his desire to be back in club football.
    Who should we be looking for I find it a little strange george graham hasn't been considered up to now but with the work necessary for our defense I would like him given a do at managing Scotland. Yes I know saf is far better overall but being biased I think it would be best all round if we kept him at old trafford eh.
    there again sfa and common sense is a contradiction in terms

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    • If Ferguson had nothing better to do I'm sure he would love to have a go. Unfortunately for Scotland he does. (I dont think the same applies to the England job, loving it I mean).
      Has Souness got himself a day job yet ?. Scotland have got to have someone available with more personality than Graham, who gives me the willies.
      FYI The two Arsenal titles under him are two of the 5 most crap titles ever (i.e. fewest wins), the other 3 being arsenals 1970 (or thereabouts) double, chelsea mid 50s, and derby county beating man city to it in the mid 70s. I think the last is the worst, City failed to win one of the lowest points titles ever, and it's been downhill just about ever since.

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      • I am split over Souness basically since his dodgy ticker he's not rerally achieved anything. I know that graham gives the willies but he does know his defence and thats where scotland is on the ropes at the moment perhaps a graham souness partnership. with their combined knowledge and passion it should be a winner. lets face it theres enough work needed north of the border to keep a whole team of managers busy. and maybe the 2 of them could keep sfa in check (theres a reason why the sfa wouldn't do it I was surprised they hired jock stein way back then) I believe that theres enough potential in scotland to get much more talent but they have to look much durther than youth developement in the lowland belt and try and get dome of the more physically built highlanders if its possible and improve their skills.
        my years in the western highlands taught me that there was no investment fron sfa going that way