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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 22, 2007 20:44 Flag

    Why Jose Mourinho is BAD news for England

    I think you have made a fair post Bonzai, raising some good points. Guess you're not Chelski loving julia after all!

    Personally, Im for Big Sam all the way, maybe Coppell or Jewell after him as I want someone English who can get us ticking, get us gelling as a team not as a bunch of individuals as under Sven and McClaren, and most importantly, someone who cares about England winning. No foreigner will enough for me.

    However jose knows the English mentality, knows the press, knows what the fans want now, is a MASTER at getting players to play to their best, is tactically a genius, and his interviews in the media would actually be worth paying for. The issue with young players is the only irrelevant point in your post as international football is different to club football. Besides, he showed with Mikel, Kalou and Robben that if you are good enough, you will play.