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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 22, 2007 21:21 Flag

    Why Jose Mourinho is BAD news for England

    Wow, you went overboard on the sahibisms in that one bonzai ...

    * to coach a team from crash
    * Mourinho is a one-trick pony
    * adequately replaced by a better coach
    * trained by Jose who trick was boring
    * stuffing games out dishonourably without creativity
    * continued to play creatively in an atrocious condition
    * justly rewarded for their efforts
    * will set us back many decades behind our competititors

    A classic post.

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    • thanks drunken', I dont normally bother reading bonzai's stuff but that really is a corker. "creatively in an atrocious condition" is worth keeping.
      oh and Robert, your owner sacked your manager cos he didnt attack enough. I am prepared to gamble that he'd understand at OT that 1-0 isnt enough, may be I'm wrong. If he goes to Barca we'll find out.